By Brisbane Family Photographer - Britt Spring

Luke, Marie-Claire & Marco in the soft light of Brisbane {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

Luke, Marie-Claire & Marco in the soft light of Brisbane {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

Posing... eeek!  how scary.  I have not met one client who has said they love posing for photographs.  Ok yes I lie, I have they are called professional models!!!!!  But hey if i looked like a model i'd be happy to pose it up for photos too but instead when a camera is in my face I look like I've bitten into a rotten egg.  That's because most of us are normal looking and have normal insecurities.  Its called being human.  

So I wanted to share with you how I get my clients looking so relaxed.  I understand how scary this process can seem and I want to put your mind at ease.....

  1. One word.... drugs.  Lots and lots of drugs.  KIDDING. haha.  Now focus.
  2. Being prepared....  whats that got to do with posing?  Well being prepared for the shoot helps us relax way before we get to the location.  Before every shoot I send my clients an email that will help you get ready for the shoot and hopefully give you ideas that you hadn't thought of.   
  3. Trust me.... How do you trust me a person you don't know?  Well one way is to get acquainted with the person who is photographing you (thats me hopefully).  Check out their work, get to know their style, what do their previous clients think of them?  (Check out my "Raves" link) Look at their images, do they look "posey"?  Once you feel safe knowing you love your photographers style you can relax a bit.  Deep breath. 
  4. The "not" pose.  So to be honest posing isn't about tilting you head at a certain angle and telling you to smile.  Its about capturing a moment in time, a real moment between you and your loved one. This is something I set up in a very natural way.... 
  5. How can a pose be "natural". Well its relatively easy actually.  My goal on the day is to get you in amazing light and then guide you into a "pose" thats real and natural and let you be yourself.  Example photo above, pretty light check, sweet comfortable pose check, natural expressions check, dog looking cute check.  Its that easy.  
  6. What a lot of people don't realise is that you don't have to be looking at the camera to achieve a beautiful portrait.  I will often start you off looking away from the camera and then when I feel you are comfy i'll guide your eyes back at me.  

The point to all of this is I approach every client with the same goals but allow you the freedom to be yourself.  I gauge how you are feeling the whole time we are together and never push you beyond what you are comfortable doing.  At the end of the day I really really want you to have fun and enjoy the experience!

So I hope this has helped with any nerves.  Next post I'm thinking about is "what to expect during your shoot with me"