Styling tips for your photoshoot

Without telling you what to wear (I'd never do that to you!...... well actually if you asked I would haha)

I have shared some tips and hints to start you off in choosing the best outfits for you and your family.  Hope this helps!  Feel free to share.



Photography 101 : How to take a natural photo....

Parents, how do you take a gorgeous *natural* photo of your little one?  

My little niece Athena pondering life and its meaning and whether the flowers are edible.....

My little niece Athena pondering life and its meaning and whether the flowers are edible.....

They do say never work with children or animals....  honestly, I think thats rubbish.  Children and animals don't have self esteem issues in front of the camera, they don't worry that you'll get their double chin or fat arms........   what they don't love is being posed and told what to do constantly.  

So what I say to you is this....

First: Have the spot in mind that you think is pretty.  Make sure the light is even (all shade, or all sun, no dappled light unless you are trying to be all arty farty).  

Second: Choose the outfit and have fun with your little one getting dressed, you don't even have to tell them that you are going to take a photo of them.  

Third: Have your camera ready, exposures set way before your little one steps in front of your camera.  This is important because kids get bored very quickly.

Fourth: Encourage them to stand in the beautiful spot you had in mind, don't rush it..... now leave them there to do their thing.  Don't ask them to smile or say cheese........ pleaseeeeee don't do that.  Just see what happens, you might be pleasantly surprised.  You might have to try it again and thats ok, these things take practice.  But it works for me most of the time like it did with Athena.  

Let me know what you think..... B

IG Little Olive Styling

That pregnancy glow....


This is the beautiful Sarah.  I feel like I've known Sarah & her hubby Brendon for years because I had the privilege of photographing their engagement and wedding.  I feel so honoured when clients ask me to photograph their milestones, it is the ultimate compliment.  

As you know Olivia is now my beauty assistant and did Sarah's hair and makeup on the day and I think she did amazing, so proud of her.  

More from this shoot to come. 


Patrick & Kimmy Pre-Wedding Shoot in Brisbane

Patrick and Kimmy, where did you come from?  (rhetorical question haha.... they are from Hong Kong)  Just when I made the decision to quit weddings I get an enquiry about a pre wedding shoot in Brisbane.  Wow.  Its like the perfect shoot for a portrait photographer.  You get a gorgeous couple, all dressed up, looking amazing and so in love without the wedding day!!  Yes please.  I think you can tell looking through these images just how much I LOVED doing this shoot with this amazingly down to earth couple.  This isn't your typical Hong Kong pre wedding shoot.... these two are not about bells and whistles and attention, they are all about the love.  They wanted natural style portraits in a pretty setting "with greenery" they said :)  that I can do!  

Hope you enjoy looking through their images, this has to be seriously one of my most favourite shoots this year/ever.

Thank you Patrick and Kimmy for asking me!

Britt x

Autumn is here

This is Autumn, I know how fitting is that for a May shoot!!!  I asked her mum if we could try a new location on the other side of the Brisbane River.....  I know, who would of thought there was another side?  hehe.  Its absolutely stunning and I can't wait to share it with more clients in the future.  One problem, the beach is tidal so we have to not only think about the sunset but also the tides!!!  The perils of shooting on location :)  

When you get it right.... well as you can see the results are gorgeous!  Introducing "Auty Bear" as her parents and brothers call her.... x

Dress & Bow:  Lacey Lane
Shoes:  Cotton On For Kids 
Teddy Bear:   Jelly Cat UK
Socks:  Kmart

An Interview with Ellen - "The Stylist Mama"


I recently had the absolute pleasure in taking Ellen and Sophie's portraits.  The moment Ellen stepped out of the car we hit it off, chatted all afternoon with no awkward silences.  It was like we'd known each other for years.  She's such a cool, down to earth, interesting and honest human being.  I HAD to interview her and share her with you.  She is a Mummy Blogger based in Brisbane but thats not all, hope you enjoy her interview.  Bx

So you are a mum, what's it like?

{E} Oh man. Hard to explain haha! Motherhood is so different to how I imagined it. Everything I was ready for- never happened, and things that I never thought of- happen daily. The early days are tiring but quiet, and the toddler days are a little more lively, and a whole lot louder! 

I love it though, and kind of forget what life was like beforehand, however…. When 7pm comes around, the silence… is GOLDEN.


Tell me about blogging, how did it all start?

{E} I started blogging as a way to keep a bit of a memory of my motherhood journey, and also to connect with likeminded people who had similar stories to share- there was only so many minor milestones like “today she smiled for the 23rd time” that my partner could handle before the eye rolls started. I felt like I needed women in my life who I could celebrate these little milestones with, and ask for advice or direction if I ever needed it. So many of my friends were still in “career” mode so I didn’t have too many friends to call upon, so blogging became a bit of an outlet for me, especially when you suffer major FOMO like me!

These days the blog has totally transformed into a little less of the mummy stuff, and a lot more of the topics that I love writing about- like fashion, beauty and hair!


What has been the best experience about blogging?

{E} Defiantly the opportunities I have been able to pursue! I’ve met some incredible women who have become wonderful friends, and been able to attend and contribute to some really special events!

Who was Ellen before Sophie came along?

{E} Ellen was a bad ass… Jokes! I was a hairdresser! I grew up in sunny Noosa, and managed a salon there for 8 years, before moving to Brisbane to further my career. Sophie was a little surprise baby, so that changed my career path big time, however I am now doing lots of freelance hair for weddings, events, and fashion editorials!

How important are family photos to you?

{E} SO IMPORTANT! It’s really amazing how the weeks/ months go by before you realise (as a mother) that you maybe don’t have any (!!) photos of you and your children to hold on too and cherish! I am always behind the camera, and catching little moments with Sophie, but to actually BE in the photos with her- is priceless.

How did you feel about the process of our photoshoot?

{E} Amazing! You were so easy going and fun to work with- no pressure or stress at all, which makes the photos look so relaxed and beautiful!

Did you go into the photoshoot with any insecurities?

{E}I sure did! For starters, who knows how a toddler is going to behave for a stranger?! I’m also a little conscious of actually being in photos, I tend to get someone to take 5+ for me to pick one that looks flattering, but Britt was honestly, the easiest and most relaxed person I have ever worked with. She knew what angles worked, and kept Sophie entertained and calm throughout the entire afternoon- no tears or tantrums! I was so so happy!

Would you have your photos taken by a professional again?

{E} Absolutely! I think everyone needs to do it at least once (or every year if you can) To be able to freeze time, and hold onto these precious photos is so exciting, and to be able to show Sophie how sweet she was as a toddler, is so lovely!

Brisbane Kids are the best kinda kids!

Remi and Hugo what good sports you are.

It was one of those shoots that everything that could go wrong did.....  I woke up off, had the "i got a cold coming on" feeling, not in the mood for anything that doesn't involve a bed.  (Pull yourself together Britt!) Then driving to the shoot there was an accident on the highway so we totally missed sunset (throwing mental tantrum in my head) and then once we arrived to our pretty destination the sun disappeared ..... we had 10 minutes of light if that.  The kids were a bit crazy from being stuck in the car for so long so when they finally got out they were like little tornados! ha.  

But it doesn't matter, these things happen and you can't stress about it you just have to go with it and do your best.  

I absolutely LOVE this shot of little Remi dancing like a crazy person showing me her contemporary ballet moves... haha.  I actually think this shot was worth all the drama!

Moral of the story.... expect the unexpected and smile through it all..... :)



Brotherly Love {Brisbane Photographer}

Im not a sentimental person at all.  But there is something about photographs that can give me a lump in the throat, sometimes I get a bit teary while I am going through my images after a shoot... I know i'm a complete sook!  Its that lovely feeling that you have created something that is like an heirloom for this beautiful family.  Its so special.

This images is of Sebi and Luca, it was a completely natural moment, i didn't tell them to put their arms around each other.   Special moment that Im so glad I caught.  You have to be quick with kids..... understatement of the year. haha


What camera do I take on holiday?....

(n.) A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world

Slow down, look around.  The view isn't the only thing worth documenting.

Slow down, look around.  The view isn't the only thing worth documenting.

Keep your camera ready and with you at all times.

Keep your camera ready and with you at all times.

If you are like me you have a strong case of the Wanderlusts and there is NO cure.  All you can do is dream of your next holiday, save your pennies and actually print photos of your previous holidays, hang them on the wall and appreciate them!!!!  

Someone asked me a question today and it was "what camera/s do I use on holiday"  and at first I didn't know how to reply as it really does depend on the kind of holiday I am going on.  But then I started reflecting on my absolute favourite images that I treasure from past holidays.  Why do I treasure them?  What camera did I take? What did I like about that camera?  hmmmm

This is where Tuscany comes into the picture.  I have to say I could fill my house with the images I took of Tuscany.  Why?  Well it was a bunch of stuff really.  The holiday was with close friends, we had the best time, the place is paradise seriously, paradise and I took a no fuss 35mm film camera with me.  It was a little semi automatic Contax.  

Some of the images I got back were miss I have to be honest but the ones I hit were AMAZING and atmospheric and glorious and there was no editing!!!!! WIN WIN

  I hang them all around my house and even in my kitchen.  

Backlit sunflowers is always a good idea

Backlit sunflowers is always a good idea

Its not that I don't like my digital camera but taking it on a long international holiday is just too difficult - I can't relax and concentrate on being on holiday, I'm too worried about my camera either killing my shoulder or getting damaged. 

I also get stuck in this weird "I have to take a photo of everything because I can" headspace and I miss out really on the experience. (And walk into a lot of poles or do that really embarrassing half trip thingy which is WAY more embarrassing than actually tripping... and you know what I'm talking about...)

So film slows me rights down.....  I have to think about every shot I take because...  1) you just can't rush it, exposures have to be spot on.  2) It costs $$$ every time I press that shutter.

The bonus about this is...... I only take a photo if the light is exactly right and it means something, every shot has a purpose and a memory attached to it. 


I like that.  Its not about showing every single moment with my camera pressed to my face and missing out on living those moments to the full, its about capturing a feeling or amazing light hitting a leaf or even a vintage clothes line :).

Yes I took a photo of a clothes line, look at it, its magnificent!  

The memories are in the sometimes quirky details...

The memories are in the sometimes quirky details...

Tuscany = paradise

Tuscany = paradise

When you get back from holiday guess what?! You have the pleasure of waiting for that film to come back and you get to relive your holiday all over again!!!  Its the BEST I totally recommend it.  

 I am by no way a camera guru.  I have just found what works for me by googling the hell out of topics such as "what is the best 35mm film camera to take on holiday" etc etc haha. I also have a fabulous Canon 1V that I adore and take away with me too but she's a biggin so be prepared to have some physio when you get back.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions and I will by all means try and help if i can.

Hope you have enjoyed this chat about holiday and film cameras.  And if you are a fellow "wanderluster-er" I feel your pain!