Alexa-Loy - beautiful person , talented photographer

BS070214004320-19 Ever meet someone and feel like you've known them a really long time? Alexa and I hit it off straight away when we met to discuss me taking her portraits (well I thought we did, back me up Alexa, haha). I knew it would be a lot of fun too!   This girl is so full of life and happiness you can't help but be relaxed in her company.  I don't usually endorse other photographers on my Blog but hey this girl rocks, she's a very talented photographer and all round lovely person (check out her video & try not to fall in love).  Thanks for asking me Alexa!!! Wish we could do it again. xxxx  {film processed by UK Film Lab, of course}   this photo was taken by Britt in north london with alexa loy.  Britt used a film camera, Canon 1V and Kodak film, the film was process at UK Film Lab, best lab in the UK! of course.  britt specialises in portraits and lives in north london and also between Brisbane Australia.