Lucia - screen goddess

film portrait photographyYou may have noticed that I post quite a lot of film photography. That's because I absolutely adore it. It's what gets me excited about portraiture, I would say photography but really its about people at the end of the day. Photographing people in a way that shows their personality, their soul. Film does this for me, even in the dullest light film creates a romantic grain & depth of feeling that gives my subject a voice. So, between you and I.... I have plans for the new year, they are exciting ones..... stay tuned. x  {Film processed by the amazing UK Film Lab}  This photo was taken during a magazine shoot for Inside Crochet.   The photo was taken on a film camera, Canon 1V, Kodak Film, by britt spring photography, brisbane based photographer and london based photographer.  Specialising in fine art film portraits.  Britt currently lives in London but in early 2015 she will be moving back to Brisbane permanently.