Ida - caught on film

brisbane film portrait photographer_0001 I have a goal, well I have a lot of goals. ONE of them is to post more of stuff I love shooting - people on film. People I have had the privilege of meeting while living in London. This is Ida a lovely model from one of my Inside Crochet shoots, she is from Poland and looks a lot like Jerry Hall. It occurred to me one day while I was working that inbetween shots of crochet I could be taking my own portraits of these lovely girls. So now that's what I do, if im shooting someone I find really interesting I'll ask if I can take a couple of film shots when we have a minute to spare. These are some of my fave shots throughout the whole year. Bx {Film processed by UK Film Lab} Britt Spring - Brisbane / London Portrait Wedding Photographer.     although this photo was taken in London britt is from Brisbane Australia and is a  fine art wedding & portrait photographer. she specialises in shooting film and is a fine art photographer