Portraits of lady - Hampstead Heath - Film

Brisbane film wedding photographer_0018Brisbane film wedding photographer_0019Brisbane film wedding photographer_0021Brisbane film wedding photographer_0025Brisbane film wedding photographer_0027Do you take time out to hone your craft, to just take photos for yourself?  It's not easy to find the time but it's so worth while.  It's your opportunity as a photographer to choose who you want to photograph in an outfit you like in a location you love with absolutely no pressure at all.  I chose Lucia because of her lovely personality, she is so sweet and humble and so effortlessly pretty.  There is a pureness to her that you just don't see much of these days.  I think you see it in the images, it's real, it's honest, it's raw.  Olivia the amazing chick from Vintage Styling did her hair on the spot in the middle of Hampstead Heath, wind blowing, freezing cold.  They were both just amazing.  If you have been wanting to shoot for yourself but haven't had the time or the inspiration, just do it and let go.  Enjoy the freedom & creativity that comes with shooting for yourself.  Bx  {film processed by UK Film Lab britt is a film photographer living in Brisbane and London she specialises in film portraiture, fine art photography, weddings and portraits.  She is also located in North London, belsize park, primrose hill and hampstead.  Next January britt will be relocating to Brisbane where she will continue as a film photographer.