Couple's Portrait {Film photographer Brisbane}

Flashback FridayIntimate couple shot on film with a Mamiya in Hampstead Heath London. engagement photographer brisbane I remember this day like it was last week but it was actually 2012!  Wow.  When I look at this shoot i did with the gorgeous Lisa and Nelson I see how I could definitely improve but at the same time I see that i've grown so much in the past 3 years with film and working with couples.  But honestly I still love these photos so much because it brings back many happy memories of London and the day the 3 of us walked through Hampstead Heath together on a gorgeous misty day.  In my humble opinion when it comes to portraiture.... film has a depth and quality you just cannot replicate with digital.  I'll admit you can get close with the right light but not every time and not consistently.  My journey started with film 20 years ago then i hit a bump and diverted off with everyone else when digital became affordable in 2009.  Now I am back in my home town of Brisbane and absolutely determined to shoot 100% film again because basically it rocks. Bx  Britt Spring Photography Brisbane.  This is a film image of a couple posing in Hampstead Heath London.    Britt moved back to #Brisbane late last year and loves to shoot #creative and natural #portraits of #families, couples, engagements, babies and children.  She is a #fine #art photographer who loves shooting with film photography.  Britt is a #natural #light #photographer.