Bagheera & Suzanna {Pets with their People}

Introducing Bagheera (the 7 kilo Burmese x) & Suzanna (the human) from New Farm, Brisbane....

This is the beginning of a fascinating project of mine that I am SO EXCITED about!  I have been in love with my little fur baby now for 9 months.  He makes me smile every single day and we couldn't imagine life without him (I am aware it sounds like I am describing a child and I'm ok with it).  I am in the search for friends who are willing to have their portrait taken with their pets for my project because lets face it, pets are the BEST......

Some words from Suzanna...

  "This is Bagheera, the XL vocal, owl eyed furry baby who loves attention (and prawns).  He possesses almost 'dog like' qualities, has tonnes of personality, has us wrapped around his little claw and knows it.  Oh and he's a total mummas boy!  

We got Bagheera and his little sister Lulu from a family member who had rescued them but could no longer look after them. They were extremely attached to each other and showed signs they had been taken from their mother too early. We couldn't even touch them when they first arrived as they were very untrusting of people. However just with a little love and attention we all bonded and became one big family. They always had larger than life Burmese personalities. They were very active, avid hunters (unfortunately!) and always met us at the door when we came home. We easily trained them to sleep on their own blanket at the foot of the bed and to come when called.

They loved attention, but also loved each other and would almost sleep on top of each other.  

It was extremely difficult when we moved overseas for a few years and we left them with parents to look after. We missed them dearly! While they loved it there they never forgot us and instantly became ours again when we returned. Unfortunately last year we had to put Lulu down as she had developed Diabetes. 

It was hard for us, but Begheera really suffered. He mourned her for a long time and has never been the quite the same cat he was with his sister around. They were together 10 years.   

Now we live in an apartment and we walk him outside and play games with him every day to keep him active and keep his mind stimulated.  

He absolutely thrives on love and attention and becomes depressed if he doesn't get enough one on one time with us every day. While he drives us a bit crazy at times (5am wake up calls anyone?)  he really is our baby and we can't imagine life without him!!"     - Suzanna