Words from Navin Chowdhry (Actor UK)

Do you find it hard to talk yourself up?  I'd rather run down the street naked than do it.  Its a problem (no one wants to see that) esp when  you own a business.  So rather than me tell you what I'm like how about I let my clients do the talking..... problem solved.  This is not a "look how good I am" type of post (see I'm doing it now...) its more a way of you to get to know me better.  When people take the time to write such beautiful words like Navin's its a real gift.  They've taken time out of their busy day to write real, honest, touching words for you... wow.  Ive been in tears reading some of them.  So here is my first post from one of my all time favourite people Navin Chowdhry who even uses my photos on his IMDB profile to this day.  What a lovely lovely man and gorgeous family.  Thank you Nav and Charlie.... miss you too. Bx

“Quite simply the most brilliant photographer and a total joy to be around.

Her photos are just beautiful.

A natural ability to capture those special moments - real moments with such truth and heart. It’s like Britt instinctively knows the type of picture you want and the best way to get it for you. I believe what sets her apart from so many others is the care she takes in meeting and understanding her clients and how sensitive and adaptable she is to what they may go through on the day. With such a calming presence, she makes you feel so relaxed, so easy in front of the camera. She’s such a laugh you unbelievably find yourself enjoying your picture being taken! She exudes a real warmth, a support you really feel on the day. From family photos to baby pics to professional head shots she can do it all and we feel so incredibly lucky to have shared these moments with Britt. We love her, we miss her and we want her back in London!!”
— Navin Chowdhry (Actor UK)

How do I pose for my photoshoot?

By Brisbane Family Photographer - Britt Spring

Luke, Marie-Claire & Marco in the soft light of Brisbane {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

Luke, Marie-Claire & Marco in the soft light of Brisbane {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

Posing... eeek!  how scary.  I have not met one client who has said they love posing for photographs.  Ok yes I lie, I have they are called professional models!!!!!  But hey if i looked like a model i'd be happy to pose it up for photos too but instead when a camera is in my face I look like I've bitten into a rotten egg.  That's because most of us are normal looking and have normal insecurities.  Its called being human.  

So I wanted to share with you how I get my clients looking so relaxed.  I understand how scary this process can seem and I want to put your mind at ease.....

Achieved in 10 minutes, what a gorgeous family!

Achieved in 10 minutes, what a gorgeous family!

  • One word.... drugs.  Lots and lots of drugs.  KIDDING. haha.  Now focus.
  • Being prepared....  whats that got to do with posing?  Well being prepared for the shoot helps us relax way before we get to the location.  Before every shoot I send my clients an email that will help you get ready for the shoot and hopefully give you ideas that you hadn't thought of.   
  • Trust me.... How do you trust me a person you don't know?  Well one way is to get acquainted with the person who is photographing you.  Check out their work, get to know their style, what do their previous clients think of them?  (Check out my "Raves" link) Look at their images, do they look "posey"?  Once you feel safe knowing you love your photographers style you can relax a bit.  Deep breath. 
  • The "not" pose.  So to be honest posing isn't about tilting you head at a certain angle and telling you to smile.  Its about capturing a moment in time, a real moment between you and your loved one. This is something I set up in a very natural way.... 
  • How can a pose be "natural". Well its relatively easy actually.  My goal on the day is to get you in amazing light and then guide you into a "pose" thats real and natural and let you be yourself.  Example photo above article..... pretty light check, sweet comfortable pose check, natural expressions check, dog looking cute check.  Its that easy.  
If only you knew how nervous Dom was on the day.... and he nailed it.

If only you knew how nervous Dom was on the day.... and he nailed it.

Ok these two weren't nervous at all, I think they might of actual forgotten I was there... :)

Ok these two weren't nervous at all, I think they might of actual forgotten I was there... :)

  • What a lot of people don't realise is that you don't have to be looking at the camera to achieve a beautiful portrait.  I will often start you off looking away from the camera and then when I feel you are comfy i'll guide your eyes back at me.  
  • The point to all of this is I approach every client with the same goals but allow you the freedom to be yourself.  I gauge how you are feeling the whole time we are together and never push you beyond what you are comfortable doing.  At the end of the day I really really want you to have fun and enjoy the experience!

So I hope this has helped with any nerves.  Next post I'm thinking about is "what to expect during your shoot with me" 



BrittSpring_photography_Brisbane_0352travel photography brisbaneafrica photographybeautiful scenerytravel photography brisbanetravel photography brisbanetravel photography brisbanetravel photography brisbanetravel photography brisbanebrisbane portrait photographerBrittSpring_photography_Brisbane_0353brisbane portrait photographerbrisbane portrait photographerbrisbane portrait photographer I'm no nature photographer, or a landscape photographer for that matter. Its a difficult thing photographing the African bush with your 50mm portrait lense :-) . Hence why i don't have that many photos from our trip. Honestly I wasn't there to get every image I could so that I could blog about it later. Grant and I were there to soak up the experience with our dear friends. Here are just a few images that I took on our Botswana trip last year. So many memories its hard to describe, so i'll just let these few images tell the story for me. Bx {Images processed by Richard Photo Lab} these images of africa were taken by Britt Spring Photography, Brisbane Australia.  Britt is a portrait photographer and wedding photographer who is based in Brisbane, she also services the byron bay, noosa, sunshine coast and gold coast areas.  Britt is also a family photographer.  Britt is a fine art film photographer.

Britt Spring is Brisbane Bound - 2015

WITHOUT GROWING APART....  {Elizabeth Foley}

Yes you read that right.  Grant and I are officially moving back to Brisbane - January 2015 and we couldn't be happier or ...... sadder.  Grant and I have had a love affair with the UK and Europe in general for 2 decades.  Our first trip to London was in 1995, yes kids 1995.  Since then we have moved here 3 times, making friends and having a LOT of fun exploring Europe together.  These photos are just a snapshot into our life over the past 3 years and in no way represents all of the crazy amazing times we've had here with old and new friends.  The decision to move back hasn't been easy but when you have family so far away who you love it's difficult to be apart from them for too long.  The quote by Elizabeth is so true, life takes us all in different directions and nothing ever stays the same but we've been fortunate enough to make some pretty incredible friendships over the past 20 years together.  Its never easy saying goodbye but we know without a doubt our friends will always be in our lives no matter where they are living.

I am so EXCITED about the new people we'll meet both clients and friends in Brisbane.  I will continue to photograph pretty weddings but instead of being in London city or the Cotswolds they will be in Brisbane, Samford, Byron Bay, Gold Coast!  Cannot wait.  Portraits are also something I adore so if you are engaged, a loved up couple, have a baby bump or someone who would love some creative film images for yourself or your website drop me a line.

Until then here is a little collage of photos from the past 3 years. Just a few things we got up to together in London, Europe, Australia and USA........

Britt x

britt spring|film wedding & portrait photographer|brisbane australiabritt spring|film wedding & portrait photographer|brisbane australia Britt is a photographer from brisbane australia who specialises in film photography, weddings, portraits, pregnancy, engagement, family photography. She lives in new farm brisbane and can be available australia wide. if you are looking for a Fine Art film photographer then britt spring photography is your perfect answer. Britt grew up in Australia going on holidays to Burleigh Heads and Byron Bay it is the most beautiful part of australia and perfect for film photography and weddings in particular.