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Post Wedding Portraits!

{Brisbane Mount Cootha Botanical Gardens}

Post-Wedding Portraits?  Is there such a thing?  Well for some it's just weird, why wouldn't you get your portraits done on the wedding day???  To others it makes perfect sense (my husband and I had pre-wedding portraits) because on the wedding day some want to have every minute to celebrate with their friends and family so they schedule portraits for afterwards.  Well I have to say I'm so happy Mel and Dave asked me because it was a BLAST to spend 2 solid hours with no constraints and no stress what-so-ever just wandering the gardens taking beautiful photos together not caring about where we have to be next.  *sigh*

Wow, a portrait photographers dream!  Thank you Mel & Dave, love you both xx

Wedding Portrait - Brisbane Botanical Gardens

I am totally up for thinking outside the box and challenging the norm. Bet you didn't know that about me :)

 Dave and Mel are also like this, they wanted their wedding day to be about them and their guests.  They didn't want to leave their friends for a couple of hours and miss out on all the fun.  I totally get that.  It's your wedding day, you do what ever the hell you want!  So when they asked me to take their portraits after the wedding day I jumped at the chance.  

I knew straight away this was an opportunity to take some stunning portraits in a very very relaxed setting without all the stress of the wedding day.  It didn't disappoint!  

We took their engagement photos in a pretty sunny spot with long grass so this time we wanted something a little different and quirky..... thank you Mount Cootha Botanical Gardens!!!  We had a blast seriously.  Couldn't think of a more perfect spot to take your portraits Mel and Dave.  Thanks for asking me it was such a privilege to spend two afternoons with you making photos together.  Bxx