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Picture Perfect - Mother and daughters

Amy is one of those mothers that is the kinda mum that I would hope to be if I ever had kids. She takes EVERYTHING in her stride, never gets flustered or sweats the small stuff. She is seriously a beautiful mum and treats her girls so tenderly and kind its a really lovely thing to watch. You can tell from this shoot we had a lot of fun, it was easy, natural, it was an afternoon just handing out with her girls, no posing needed. Seriously stunning girls. Thanks for asking me Amy. Bxxx

Credit where credit is due:

Hair: Kelly Hort Hair
Amy’s Dress: Spell
Millie’s Dress: Spell Little Gypsies
Remy’s Bonnet: Jamie Kay Store
Her Romper: Marlow & Mae

Ben & Kara - Brisbane River Engagement shoot

Love oozes from these two beautiful people, kinda like cheese oozes out of a ham and cheese grilled sandwich…. it’s a good ooze, really really good. Now I’ve gone and made you hungry…. #sorrynotsorry.

Every shot you can see their connection and chemistry. I am so in awe of those who can switch off completely during a photoshoot and just focus on each other. It’s not easy I know, coming from someone who really struggles with having their photo taken I hear ya, but all I can say is please trust me. I know what I am doing, I understand your insecurities and fears. If you can let go of those feelings for 1 hour we can make some pretty sweet images together that you will adore for years and so will your kids. Also it’s pretty dam lovely to reconnect with your partner kinda like therapy they tell me hehe. You’re welcome.

Thank you Ben & Kara for trusting me and having confidence in me. love ya both