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This is my new little friend Joy.  I met her mum at a flower crown workshop recently and really like her instantly.  She was actually making the flower crown for Joy and sent me some photos of her proudly wearing her new crown with big smiles.  I was taken by Joy instantly, she has this real mature nature for such a young person and thats because she has such lovely parents.  It was a fun afternoon walking through the woods and eating apples.  It was one of those shoots that came at the right time, it was the inspiration i needed, thank you Julie and Joy!  I am so happy to have had the chance to hang out with you and create some pretty lovely images of Joy. Bxx  {Film processed by RDFL}  these images were taken by britt spring, she is a fine art, creative portrait photographer who specialises in film photography, women's portraiture, children, family and couple portraits in Brisbane Australia.  

Joy of Joys {Brisbane portrait photographer}

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What a priviledge and pleasure to photograph this unique and special little 5 year old. Never have i met a more polite little one as Joy. Her name says it all really. More to come but I just couldn't hold back in sharing this image. Bxthis image was shot by britt spring of britt spring photography in brisbane newstead. britt is a fine art photographer who specializes in family, child, couple portrait photography. she also specialises in Film photography.