Breanna the beautiful {Portrait Photographer Brisbane}

You know when you meet a special person?  Someone who is who wiser than their years, has gone through so much but still smiles, has a faith the size of a mountain and heart of absolute gold.  This is Breanna.  She is someone that I am very grateful to have met i have learnt a lot from her in only a few months.  There is a saying that everyone has their trials in this world, and while I totally agree i have to say that not everyones trials are the same and some are bigger and heavier to carry around.  Its important to recognise this and to give the honour these beautiful people deserve because they are survivors and their example can help us through our trials too.  Hope you enjoy looking through these images of Breanna and I hanging out in the forest of Brisbane.  I still can't believe this girl has never had her photo taken.  She looks like a model to me.  Thank you Breanna for everything!  Lots of love.  Britt xx