creative double exposure

Life . Creativity . Pheasants

film portrait brisbaneCreativity is a journey, a lovely winding country road car journey with hills and bumps and smartly dressed pheasants.  There's moments when the sun hits the windscreen and blinds us for a second, we get a fright but it's ok there's a bend in the road which quickly blocks the suns sharp glare & we recover.  I once read somewhere that its the bumps, the downs, the times we lack creativity that make us true artists.  I love that sentiment because it's so darn true.  People who create need those down times otherwise what would give us drive to keep trying, searching, hoping, being inspired and inspiring others .....   I cling to that thought because there are many times I lie awake wishing for something creative to just pop into my head.  The moment I stop trying so hard it happens, like a beautiful pheasant in the corner of your eye scooting off the road and into the gorse bush.   It's not a whole idea but it's a hint, a suggestion, a whisper ...... the rest is up to me.  All I have to do is accept that I will never arrive as an artist I have to continue to be open enough to hear the whispers......    {Film scanned by UK Film LabI am Britt Spring and I am a fine art film photographer who lives in Brisbane Australia and London UK.  Britt specialises in film photography, fine art portraiture and wedding photography.  My preferred location to shoot is the beautiful countryside especially near Byron Bay where I grew up going on holidays and generally hanging out with family and friends.  Get in touch if you are getting married and need a photographer.  Britt x