A Sydney love story {Brisbane-Photographer}

"Stay close to people who feel like sunlight"

Sometimes you meet couples and you know they were made for each other.  I don't believe in fate but I do believe in a perfect match and these two are it.  We met them in London and knew we were going to be friends for a very long time.  Lisa and I are would spend endless hours discussing photography and encouraging each other to fulfil our dreams when we lived in London.  Lisa is an amazing photographer herself so it was a real honour to be asked to take their portraits (See Lisa's work here).  Unbeknownst to me Lisa and Nelson were pregnant at the time of this photoshoot so it takes on a whole new and very exciting meaning.  Even though they live in Sydney and us in Brisbane we remain close friends to this day.  Thanks for asking me guys, I have to say I am very proud of these images.  Partly because I love you and partly because I managed to work out your Contax film camera!!!!!!!.......  on the fly / with your help.  haha.  Love you both so much xoxoxoxoxoxox

Lisa's Hair & Makeup by the seriously fabulous Makeup Mode

Words from Navin Chowdhry (Actor UK)

Do you find it hard to talk yourself up?  I'd rather run down the street naked than do it.  Its a problem (no one wants to see that) esp when  you own a business.  So rather than me tell you what I'm like how about I let my clients do the talking..... problem solved.  This is not a "look how good I am" type of post (see I'm doing it now...) its more a way of you to get to know me better.  When people take the time to write such beautiful words like Navin's its a real gift.  They've taken time out of their busy day to write real, honest, touching words for you... wow.  Ive been in tears reading some of them.  So here is my first post from one of my all time favourite people Navin Chowdhry who even uses my photos on his IMDB profile to this day.  What a lovely lovely man and gorgeous family.  Thank you Nav and Charlie.... miss you too. Bx

“Quite simply the most brilliant photographer and a total joy to be around.

Her photos are just beautiful.

A natural ability to capture those special moments - real moments with such truth and heart. It’s like Britt instinctively knows the type of picture you want and the best way to get it for you. I believe what sets her apart from so many others is the care she takes in meeting and understanding her clients and how sensitive and adaptable she is to what they may go through on the day. With such a calming presence, she makes you feel so relaxed, so easy in front of the camera. She’s such a laugh you unbelievably find yourself enjoying your picture being taken! She exudes a real warmth, a support you really feel on the day. From family photos to baby pics to professional head shots she can do it all and we feel so incredibly lucky to have shared these moments with Britt. We love her, we miss her and we want her back in London!!”
— Navin Chowdhry (Actor UK)

Breanna the beautiful {Portrait Photographer Brisbane}

You know when you meet a special person?  Someone who is who wiser than their years, has gone through so much but still smiles, has a faith the size of a mountain and heart of absolute gold.  This is Breanna.  She is someone that I am very grateful to have met i have learnt a lot from her in only a few months.  There is a saying that everyone has their trials in this world, and while I totally agree i have to say that not everyones trials are the same and some are bigger and heavier to carry around.  Its important to recognise this and to give the honour these beautiful people deserve because they are survivors and their example can help us through our trials too.  Hope you enjoy looking through these images of Breanna and I hanging out in the forest of Brisbane.  I still can't believe this girl has never had her photo taken.  She looks like a model to me.  Thank you Breanna for everything!  Lots of love.  Britt xx  

Baby Bump Perfection {Brisbane Film Photographer}

baby bump family photography brisbane Film processing by RDFLPhotography by Britt Spring Photography.  This image is an example of britts stunning fine art photographyBaby bump photography, family photography and general portraiture is what britt loves the most.  Britt is a fine art film and digital photographer based in Brisbane

Lloyd & Hilary - Cornwall {Brisbane Film Wedding Photographer}

Let us love, since that is all our heartswere made for...  {St. Therese de Lisieux} britt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbanebritt_spring_film_wedding_photographer_brisbane

This Cornwall wedding is so special for so many reasons.   First of all it is one of the prettiest i have shot in the UK (I mean look at that beach!), second it is my 4th last wedding in the UK before I head back to Brisbane, Australia (insert tears) and third ..... it is my first wedding that I have blogged that is all film!  Proud?  Hell Yes!  There is so much to mention about this wedding from all the decorations and food being put together by family and friends, everything was local and super beautifully put together.  The land the tent was pitched on is actually their land that they will be growing an orchard on, hence the ceremonial planting of the first fruit tree!!!!  So sweet!!  Well i'll let the photos do the talking.  Lloyd & Hilary what a pleasure and honor being your photographer for the day.  I wish you all the happiness in the world as you start your adventure together. Love Britt xxx  {Film processed by UK Film Lab}    these images were taken by britt spring photography.  britt lives in Brisbane Australia and is a fine art photographer who services brisbane, noosa, sunshine coast, gold coast and byron bay.  britt is a fine art photographer who specialises in film photography for weddings, portraiture, couple portraits and  womens portraiture.  this wedding was shot in cornwall UK.