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My pretty little Hibiscus friend - Queensland

brisbane film portrait photographer_0003 This cutie is the daughter of my oldest friend.  She was showing me her backyard in the Sunshine Coast (Queensland).  We stopped by the Hibiscus plant and picked a beautiful red flower together, she told me a story, to be honest i can't remember what it was she was telling me all i know is she told it with such animated expressions, i stopped listening and started watching, then grabbed my camera.  This is her story captured on film, you can only imagine what she was talking about.  She really is her mothers daughter.  Smart, pretty, amazing style (she has dressed herself since she was little) chatty as hell, and tells a really good story.  Can't wait to sit on their patio again and sip on wine and chat till the cows come home.  Miss you Melly.  xoxoxoxo {Film processed by UK Film Lab}   Britt Spring is a portrait photographer from Brisbane Australia.  She is a film photographer and shoots weddings and portraits in London and Brisbane.  Britt is the lead photographer for a craft magazine Inside Crochet UK and has shot for craft publications.  This photo was taken on the sunshine coast, north brisbane.