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Joy - Child Portraits Brisbane

This is my new little friend Joy.  I met her mum at a flower crown workshop recently and really like her instantly.  She was actually making the flower crown for Joy and sent me some photos of her proudly wearing her new crown with big smiles.  I was taken by Joy instantly, she has this real mature nature for such a young person and thats because she has such lovely parents.  It was a fun afternoon walking through the woods and eating apples.  It was one of those shoots that came at the right time, it was the inspiration i needed, thank you Julie and Joy!  I am so happy to have had the chance to hang out with you and create some pretty lovely images of Joy. Bxx  {Film processed by RDFL}  these images were taken by britt spring, she is a fine art, creative portrait photographer who specialises in film photography, women's portraiture, children, family and couple portraits in Brisbane Australia.  

Joy of Joys {Brisbane portrait photographer}

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What a priviledge and pleasure to photograph this unique and special little 5 year old. Never have i met a more polite little one as Joy. Her name says it all really. More to come but I just couldn't hold back in sharing this image. Bxthis image was shot by britt spring of britt spring photography in brisbane newstead. britt is a fine art photographer who specializes in family, child, couple portrait photography. she also specialises in Film photography.

Wild At Heart about Flowers {Brisbane Photographer}

Britt Spring Photography_0056 As a photographer light is my drug.  I seriously make myself dizzy looking for it and working out how to capture it and do it justice.  I had the absolute pleasure in photographing a workshop last weekend for Wild At Heart Flowers who held a Flower Crown workshop in the Vieille Branche shop in Albion.  It was fantastic watching a group of 11 ladies having so much fun creating with beautiful blooms.  Vieille Branche as a space is incredible, it has the most beautiful antique furniture all from France and all for sale.  I want to fill my whole house with this stuff!!!  The furniture is stunning but the space itself, in an old warehouse, is incredible for the light alone.  It was so amazingly soft and pretty that it turned my images into paintings.  My creative self  absolutely flipped out.  This is just one of my fave images from the day.  A full blog post is to follow shortly.  Bx   #portrait #flower  #light #crown  #creative #natural  #Australia #brisbane #photographer

Joell & Kate - Brisbane engagement shoot

Im not much of a writer, I really wish i was.  Every time i post images on my blog i get so excited until i have to say something about them.  I feel very strongly about things, im the kind of person that always has a lot going on in their mind but can find it hard to put it into words because how do you express feelings?  Some find it easy and im in awe of them.  For me i hope the images speak for them self.  When you see a couple smiling and laughing - i was smiling and laughing behind the lens.  Where i ask them to stand or to sit is where i would want to be if i was getting my portraits taken.  I put myself into every single image.  Taking someones portrait for me is an incredibly intimate experience and something that i absolutely love.  By the end of a 1.5 hour session i feel like ive really got a sense for what the couple are really about its a real privilege.  This session with Joell and Kate was no different.  They trusted me so much, i am very grateful, we were talking weeks before about where to go and what to wear.  Id get the odd text from Kate with a photo of her outfits i could choose from.  What a star these two were and boy did it pay off!  Thank you for spending the afternoon with me discovering the Wetlands.  Bx {Film processed by RAW Film Lab} Britt is a fine art film photographer living in BrisbaneAustralia in Queensland.  Britt loves to photographycouples in love, engaged, with a baby or family.   Britt specialises in film photography which is beautiful, naturaland creative.

Reuben & Nicole - Noosa beach wedding

"There are all kinds of love in this world
 but never the same love twice."
{F. Scott Fitzgerald]

Well what can i say about this wedding?  Where do i start?  maybe with the location.... Noosa at the Sunshine Coast just 1.5hrs north of Brisbane.  Its just one of my favourite spots in Australia!  What a beautifully romantic spot to get married, in a little cove (Hidden Grove) over looking Noosa Main Beach decorated by the most beautiful flowers by Twig & Grace....  Wow.  There's also the reception at Bistro C just my favourite place in Hastings Street to have breakfast or actually anything any time of day because the food and stunning view of the beach is ridiculously amazing.   Then you have Nicole (in her Jane Hill gown!) and Reuben, a stunning and extremely in love couple, what a delight to be in their company and to have the opportunity to capture their wedding day.  Then you have the emotion from the day and the connection of family, there were moments on the day i was holding back the tears watching these people showing so much love to each other it was very touching.  BIG LOVE to my fab second shooter Suz Philipe, i couldn't of done it without you xxxx  So i'll stop talking and let you look through these images, one of my favourite weddings so far.  Thank you Nicole and Reuben for choosing me!!!!!  Lots of love.  Britt x {Film processed by RDFL}  these images are the property of Britt Spring photography of brisbane australia.  britt is a fine art film photographer who specialises in family, portraits, weddings and family photographer with a beautiful fine art approach.