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Claire & Millie - Mill Hill

Magazine Editor portrait London Many moons ago i attended a college in Melbourne and learnt the art of photography using film, the emphasis always being on the art.  It was the most amazing experience.  So why do i shoot digital?  Thats a long story but it was the integral part of my journey as a photographer and has helped me get where i am today, a photographer in London.  Saying that.....  i have made some personal goals this year.  One of them is to return to film 100% by 2015. That means every time I work my film camera is right by my side. Each time i shoot i get closer to my goal and i am loving the process more and more.  Its not that i don't like digital at all, it has helped me achieve something i never thought possible - being a photographer.  The difference for me is in the workflow mainly - film has almost no workflow other than taking a little stroll to the post office and maybe getting a flat white on the way home.  Its tough.  I have been trying to get my digital work as close to film for the past 2 years and have always been disappointed with the results.  The editing part of the job for some is fun and time to switch off, for me it's boring and time consuming and a tad frustrating.  There is also the results, creamy dreamy loveliness with a depth that makes you feel you can step into the image.  Something I have never achieved with Digital.  So i had to ask myself why am I trying to emulate film when i can just shoot it?  If you are looking at getting back into film or wanting to begin a process of including it in your portfolio, don't give up!  It is extremely rewarding and satisfying ....  Oh and if you live in the UK, make sure you get your film processed at the fabulous UK Film Lab.   :) x          this photo was taken in the Adam & Eve pub in Mill Hill.  the film portrait is of Claire montgomerie and her little Millie.  Claire is the editor of Inside Crochet UK Magazine which i am the lead photographer on.  Britt currently lives in London but in the new year of 2015 she will be living back in Brisbane Australia once again and continuing her portrait and wedding photography but this time film only.  Britt is a fine art photographer from Brisbane Australia.