Mothers and their babies

Ok so if you asked me what my favourite photoshoot was, its a difficult question to answer but I’d have to say Mums and her babies. I think its because I really value my mum, she’s always been there for us when our fathers haven’t. She’s been a constant source of love and support for all of kids. So I really do enjoy photographing the loving connection that mums, especially new mums and their babies, have with each other. Its pretty special and most of my top, hands down, favourite images I have ever taken are of Mums and their kids. Without a doubt. These image below were all taken North of Brisbane at a gorgeous location near Nudgee and Redcliffe they are super easy to get to thats why we meet there. I can help you with styling, no problem, if you need recommendations with hair and makeup I can do that too. As much or as little help you need im there for you. Hope you enjoy these images below. Britt x

A new mothers love - North Brisbane

Photographing a new mother is probably one of the most enjoyable experiences for me as a photographer. Newborns are fairly easy to work with because they are sleepy and love being cuddled (I just described myself haha). New mums are so in love with their little creation and the connection is strong. There is not a lot for me to do other than capture that new connection. Demi was so well prepared for the day with her outfits and having her hair and makeup done that on the day she could simply relax and enjoy the moment. Hope you love these images as much as me I even did a little video to show how easy this kind of photoshoot is with me. Enjoy! B x

Demi got her dress from Hello Molly
Ryker’s cute little outfit is from Jamie Kay Store
Hair by Kelly Hort Hair
Makeup By Lira

What happens during a photoshoot with Britt? Video taken around North Brisbane.