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Vieille Branche {Brisbane}

"The Old Branch"

Vieille Branche in Albion Brisbane is a place that once you walk in the "doors" you become completely and utterly overcome with inspiration.  I said "doors" because technically they don't have doors, its a warehouse you see, its different to other coffee shops and restaurants.  Its unique and its why its become one of Brisbane's best coffee shops and music venues! 

To be asked to photograph the owners Jen & JC and their little one Manou was such a privilege and a little nerve wracking because Jen is an amazing photographer herself.... just check out her Instagram feed... they are all her images!  

So I give you a sneak peek of one of my favourite portraits of Jen herself.  I love everything about it, from the expression to her gorgeous crinkled linen top to the hint of ribbon in her hair.  Jen is so stunning and she doesn't even know it.  

My partner in crime was responsible for Jens gorgeous makeup and hair on the day.  Thanks Livie!!! xxxx


Celebrate Love!

I travelled to the Sunshine Coast to photograph these three cuties.  Kirsty appreciates photography a lot, I could tell when I met her because her walls were covered in photos that she had taken herself.  I knew I was going to like her a lot.  So on this day she knew exactly what she wanted, even getting the boys to drag this cool vintage chair down the back of her property.  We put it under a big old gum tree on a rug and it was perfect.  A beautiful image like this doesn't happen on its own, it takes a little bit of planning and coordinating.  But once its done you just let the magic happen and you end up with a gorgeous, natural, sunlit, perfect image like this.  Thank you Kirsty for asking me to take your photos, it was such a privilege to work along with you and your vision.  B xxx


Baby Michael {Brisbane Family Photographer}

Oh man do I get to photograph the cutest kids ever?! Yes i do!  

little Michael was a dream and i loved hanging out with his parents too.  Get in touch if you would like some natural portraits of your family in the Brisbane area.