north london film wedding photographer

Yolande De Vries caught on film

film beach portrait brisbane I think i've already said that I'm very proud of these images.  THANK YOU Yolande for trusting me to take your portrait - the excitement of being asked and getting these images back from the Lab are still with me today.  What a wonderful experience and how lucky I am to have spent a whole day with you on the beach in your favorite part of the country.  Bx  {film processed by UK Film Laball of the above photos were taken by britt spring photograhpy, based in brisabane australia and london uk, britt specialises in fine art film photography.  she was recently been featured on the UK Film Lab blog and is the lead film photographer for Inside Crochet UK.  Britt will be moving back to Brisbane very soon and is ready to shoot film portraits and film weddings in Brisbane very very soon!