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George & Pebbles

Since little George (most gorgeous mini schnauzer EVA) arrived in our home 3 years ago he has become a huge part of our family, more than I ever expected.  I knew having a dog would be great but now I have one I can't imagine ever not having a little furry friend in the house.  They are a constant source of happiness and good company.  Never sad, or cranky or moody, just always happy to be with you.  

Thats why this year I am opening up my portraits to pets too, its a work in progress but its something close to my heart.  They are a member of the family and deserve gorgeous portraits too.  

I'll be back with more information soon.

Britt x


Chirpy, Toby & Breanna {Pets with their People}

Introducing Toby (left) and Chirpy (right) and Breanna (the human) from Lutwyche Brisbane .....

Some words from Breanna....

"Chirpy & Toby are a pillar in my life.  I couldn't imagine my life without them, they are precious creations to care for and they are a beautiful sunrise in my foggy life.  

Chirpy was my first little one.  Tiny and precious, I watched over him like a mother.  Because of his upbringing being the only bird in the house for his first year, Chirpy strongly believe he is half human.  He also believes he is half human.  He also believes he is half dog, as he constantly barks when he is very happy!  Chirpy is a very smart but anxious boy, he is very affectionate and protective.  He loves to play in hair and nibble finger nails, he is always a delight to have out of the cage?

Tobys name relates to his deformed 'toe' but also Mum was eating Uncle Toby's oats at the time, and its really funny how oats are actually his favourite thing to eat lol!!"  - Breanna