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Beautiful words from Daryl and Nikki

Britt was so easy to deal with.. right from our initial enquiry, through to delivering the most amazing photos. The photo shoot was effortless and loads of fun - we couldn’t have wished for a better experience. Thank you Britt! Looking forward to working with you again sometime soon.
— Daryl & Nikki {North Brisbane}

Professional headshots and why they are important

From florists to photographers to actors, everyone who is online needs professional images to be truely respected. But the good news is.... they don’t have to be boring!
— Britt x

Who likes getting their portrait taken?

Not many people I can tell you that.  I hate it myself, totally can see all my imperfections shining through in every image.  Unfortunately and fortunately we are judged on our appearance.  In just seconds people decide different things about you in a photograph or in person.  Because of the age we live in most of the time it will be a photograph that people will see first.  I said "fortunately" and I mean it, we are fortunate that we can get our brand out there fairly easily using a website, social media, email, print etc, we have an opportunity to put our best face forward and do it in a way that is appealing to our potential clients in miliseconds.  Think about it.  Someone is weighing up which business to choose and you are the only one with professional portraits on your website who do you think they will choose? 

Becky - Florist UK

Becky - Florist UK


When you own or run a business, people associate your face with your business. That’s why it is so important that you have a high-quality, professional headshot.  Don't be fooled, an iPhone image or selfie just won't cut it.

What to think of before booking your session?

  • Your brand colour scheme. Are these images going on your website? If so what is the colour scheme? Choose colours that compliment not detract. You can do that in the clothes that you wear and the background of the photograph.

  • Hair and makeup is a must because you want to appear as professional as you can and of course feel as good as you can. Boys it's always good to book in a haircut the week before your shoot if possible.

  • Think about the message you want to convey in your headshot and work with your photographer to achieve that. ie approachable, serious, kind, happy, energetic?

  • Bring at least 2 changes of outfits so that you can get the most out of your session


Branding photography is the next step after headshots.  It's about telling a story.  It is also called Environmental or Lifestyle portraiture because usually the image will show you working in your environment.  It's a wonderful way to convey very quickly to people who you are, what you do and why you love what you do.  You have the opportunity to capture someones interest without words in just seconds.  To me branding photography is the bees knees.  In a branding session we work together to create a package of images that you could fill your website with.  


Environmental Portrait of Becky working

Environmental Portrait of Becky working

Website ready images

Website ready images


  • Social Media
    Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to name a few

  • Your Website
    On your About Me &, Contact Us pages, Newsletter, Blog Articles

  • Email
    Email signature

  • Print
    Business cards, marketing, advertisements, fliers

  • Magazines
    Features, Advertisements

  • Where ever you need!

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Pop the champaign, Dave & Mel are engaged!!!

{Brisbane Engagement Session}

The joy and happiness that emanates from these images is so contagious.  It helps that Mels smile is the best i've ever seen.  Pure and unrestrained happiness coming from that face of hers.  I LOVE it.  

Engagement sessions are pretty special.  I've always felt like the engagement shoot is almost (I said almost!!!) as important as the wedding photos.  Basically because after you are married those portraits take on a new meaning.  At the time you are most probably only thinking about the wedding but its after that you look back on those images with so much fondness, they bring back memories of before the wedding, of how you met and fell in love.  Probably how young you looked too!  hehe.  I know thats how I feel when I look at our engagement photos.  I am still to this day SO GRATEFUL we got them done!.  Hope you enjoy looking through these sweet pastel delights, Mel & Dave looked stunning and as you can see had a lot of fun during our shoot together.  Bx