Tuscany castle engagement shoot

If there is ever a place in my heart that I feel more at home than in Brisbane its Tuscany, hands down. We stayed in a castle for 3 nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had the opportunity to finally photograph one of my best friends engagement/wedding portraits. You see I live in Brisbane and she lives in the North of England! I haven’t been around for either her engagement or wedding but we made up for it in Tuscany! What an amazing afternoon we had wandering around the grounds of our Castle. Liv and Carl I absolutely LOVE YOU! xxxx

Ps. more photos to come obviously


Post and Pre Wedding Portraits - Brisbane

If you haven’t ever heard of pre or post wedding photography well its amazing! You literally get to enjoy your wedding day and not leave your guests at all and enjoy all the fun with them and have your wedding portraits taken on another day. Either before or after its up to you. We actually had our photos done before our wedding and I don’t regret it at all, we felt so much more relaxed and we had heaps of time to get the best most beautiful wedding portraits ever. The following images were taken at several locations from Byron Bay, to Brisbane Botanical Gardens on the north side, Newfarm Park and Nudgee Beach! One couple even flew from Hong Kong to have their portraits taken in Brisbane because they really appreciate how green and natural Brisbane is as a backdrop. Hope you like them, get in touch if you would like to chat about having your portraits taken. Britt

Mothers and their babies

Ok so if you asked me what my favourite photoshoot was, its a difficult question to answer but I’d have to say Mums and her babies. I think its because I really value my mum, she’s always been there for us when our fathers haven’t. She’s been a constant source of love and support for all of kids. So I really do enjoy photographing the loving connection that mums, especially new mums and their babies, have with each other. Its pretty special and most of my top, hands down, favourite images I have ever taken are of Mums and their kids. Without a doubt. These image below were all taken North of Brisbane at a gorgeous location near Nudgee and Redcliffe they are super easy to get to thats why we meet there. I can help you with styling, no problem, if you need recommendations with hair and makeup I can do that too. As much or as little help you need im there for you. Hope you enjoy these images below. Britt x

Family photoshoots are the best

Families! They make the world go round. They make us happy and give us a reason to be better people. Families are fun, they are relaxed and they can be what ever you want them to be. Its your photoshoot after all. I will guide you on the day with how to pose and literally that is just putting you in a very pretty spot and the most gorgeous light and asking you to just be yourself and interact with the kids. Its literally THAT SIMPLE. Honestly if you are unsure please jump onto Google and check my reviews, it really gives you an insight into how my families felt about their photoshoots. We always meet north of Brisbane, about 30mins from the CBD because its easy for everyone to get to. I am definitely open to new locations just let me know what you have in mind and we can plan a really fun and relaxed photoshoot together. Here are some of my favourite Brisbane family portraits I hope you love them too. Bx

Pregnancy Portraits and why I love them

I absolutely LOVE taking maternity photos, its such a special time in a womans life that goes by so fast!!! Its wonderful to be able to capture that amazing feeling of pure love and excitement for this new family member about to arrive. If you have other children its even more wonderful to include them in the images, you will have some amazing portraits for you and your family for years to come. How it works is before the photoshoot we chat about styling, what colours look good on you and will suit the locations we meet at. I have recommendations of hair and makeup if you would like to make your day extra special and feel amazing! I will send you a google pin so you know exactly where to meet me. It is usually on the North side of Brisbane because there are some really lovely locations over that way and its really easy to get to. In the meantime I hope you enjoy looking at a few of my most favourite pregnancy/baby bump portraits. Bx