how do i book?

It’s easy. I have a Session Fee that covers my time on the day and locks in the session with me. When you are ready to book I will send you the invoice via PayPal, once that is paid we can start the planning process together.

Does the session fee include digitals?

No. There are no digitals or prints included in this fee. You choose a package after our session that fits within your budget.

do you reward returning clients?

I LOVE returning clients! they are the bees knees. When you order your package I will deduct your session fee from the price!! So essentially you don’t pay a session fee, even though you do, you get it back …. so you don’t. If you know what i mean?

Do you include digitals?

Simply put. Yes. Along with beautiful fine art prints as well, all of my packages include some prints.

Do you recommend getting my hair and makeup done?

Definitely. I find my ladies feel a whole lot more confident when they have had their hair and makeup done. Its definitely worth spoiling yourself, how often do you get your portraits taken? I have some awesome recommendations for you locally so please ask and i’ll send their details.

Where are your photoshoots located?

I have a few spots that I use regularly both north and south Brisbane, they take around 15-30 mins drive from the CBD.

What do we wear?

What you wear is so important. It’s the difference between you feeling relaxed and gorgeous or feeling uncomfortable. I really want you to feel your best on the day and also compliment the surrounding area. I will work with you as much or as little as you like before our shoot. My clients often send me pics of their outfits and ask my opinion - which I love!

when will my images be ready?

I really try hard to have them ready for you within 2 weeks give or take a few days.

what time of day do you shoot?

It depends on the photoshoot. If it is a portrait shoot I always start 1.5hrs before sunset. If it is headshots/branding then we can be more flexible.

what style do you shoot?

Good question. I don’t have a style, I shoot what makes me smile and that is soft pretty light with people in love. I am not influenced by what is in “style” at the moment I’m interested in authenticity and connection, that way your images will be timeless. My work looks the way it does not because of editing but because I am methodical about where and when I shoot and I also guide my subjects with what colours to wear. I always encourage my customers to thoroughly look through my website and portfolio so you know exactly what kind of images you will receive.

What happens if it rains?

It’s Queensland so when it rains it rains good! If it’s raining on the day we simply reschedule at a date we can both make. I want your images to be perfect!

i haven’t covered a question?

Please send me an email and i’ll happily answer it for you!

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