How to care for your Fine Art Prints

VIDEO of how your prints are prepared before they are sent.

Does paper really matter?

Yes it does. Big time. I won’t print my personal images on any other paper. why?……

Do you trust your computer with all of your precious images? What about that USB or hard drive you leave all your memories on….. I have multiple backups yes but even thats not guaranteed. Well, Fine Art Paper is used in the worlds finest museums because if treated properly will last over 100 years. If anything happens to your technology you will always have your prints, thats pretty cool.

It also looks drop dead gorgeous, gives true colours, has no reflective surface and won’t turn yellow after a few years like standard paper - thats because it is acid free. Win Win Win Win.

Standard paper was not created to last a long time, yes it has it’s place but this isn’t it for your precious images.

Here are some tips on how you and your family can enjoy your prints now and for generations to come.

How to care for your fine art prints

Fine art or giclée prints are delicate so avoid touching the print surface with bare hands as the moisture and oils from your skin can affect print quality.  To avoid damage hold prints by the edge or wear cotton gloves while holding them.

  • Take your matted print straight to the framer, do not take it out of the protective plastic sleeve.

  • Do not touch the print, not even wiping it with the back of your hand.

  • Be careful not to scuff or scratch the image side of the print.

  • Store prints properly; protect them form airborne contaminants, extreme light levels and high temperatures.

  • When displaying prints in frames, mount them under glass (preferably UV glass) to minimise exposure to humidity, cigarette smoke and the atmospheric contaminants.

  • When framing leave a gap between the glass and the print.

  • Avoid placing prints in bright sunlight.

  • Do not display prints outdoors.