If there was only one thing...



That I wish I had used earlier, that I'd taken the time to learn.  Something that  you might think is really basic but actually when you are in the rhythm of a photoshoot you can quickly forget to use and regret it later.  But if you use it consistently it becomes part of your routine and you don’t even think about it

Something technical… snore… zzzz

Bare with me all you creatives....

But seriously though, there are some things that can really affect your photography and make you feel frustrated, this is one of them.  Remember that session you felt like you nailed and then you get home, upload your images onto lightroom and BOOM realise your focus was off……..  not creatively off, not emotionally off, but technically off.  Literally your focus wasn’t good.  Photo after beautiful photo you have to trash because they can’t be used.  

 Be deliberate in your focussing and nail the shot first time.

Be deliberate in your focussing and nail the shot first time.

The answer?  It's as simple as setting the AF points manually or “Auto Focus” every single time you take a shot.

 It's good to refresh your memory sometimes 

It's good to refresh your memory sometimes 

When I talk about focus I don't mean crisp obvious-everything-in-focus-boring kinda focus, I mean deliberate choices even at a shallow depth of field.  See opening image, it's not crisp and all in focus (boring) thats because I deliberately focussed on her fringe knowing that it would soften the whole image leaving a really dreamy 'painterly' image.  The focal choice needs to make sense for the image to work. You're with me I can feel it.

My camera has the button on the back, I have my finger on it the whole time I am shooting my subject, when I move the subject or myself I adjust the AF point.  Simple and doesn't slow me down because I've perfected it.  Give it time and you'll feel the same.

I used to keep my focal point in the middle of the lens thinking that I could focus and then move my camera to frame the shot…..  sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  It's like sometimes I put darks in my wash and it's fine and other times everything comes out grey.  You can leave it to luck and hope for the best or you can nail 99% of your images by learning how to work this small step into your routine.  

My advice to you you would be to dig up that manual now, sit down with a cuppa and get focussed……….  it'll be worth it trust me.

Britt x

My worst photoshoot ever....

*Insert face slap*

 Worst photoshoot ever.

Worst photoshoot ever.

Why would I even write a post like this?

Well I know what its like to feel frustrated by your photography while you look at other photographers beautiful feeds with their perfect lighting and subjects.   

The truth is it's not always like that.  Some days are crap and your plans fail either because we made mistakes or it was out of our control.  Stuff happens.  #truth

The photo you see here of this AH-dorable little girl is from the worst photoshoot ever.  

This particular day we jump in the car, kids are happy, outfits are on, we start driving to the location.  We get to the M1 and we hit traffic, not the usual afternoon traffic.... accident type traffic.  

Yep.  We were stuck, not moving, sun going down.  It took us over an hour instead of 20 minutes...... because of that we arrived and the sun had already set and was getting very dark.  

What the hell.  Keep cool Britt keep cool.  Don't freak out.

 Remi the radiant.

Remi the radiant.

So I set my camera to the highest ISO it will go and I just shoot what ever I see.  I was freaking out on the inside but somehow kept my cool.  The kids?  Well they were full of energy, they'd been sitting in a car for over an hour dying to get out.  Asking over and over again "are we there yet"..... waaaaah.  So I just let them go for it, spin around, dance, I didn't have time to direct them.

I managed a handful of photos, not my best but Mum loved them because their little personalities shine through.  These kids seriously are ALL personality. 

 Hugo the handsome.

Hugo the handsome.

What's the point of this Blog post?  Well as a photographer and especially when you are working with children, you have to roll with the punches.  Enjoy the highs and learn from the lows.  Not every shoot will go how you want it to.  When you work on location you you also have to take into consideration the weather, there are many variables that can go wrong.  

When it comes to my clients and situations like this all I care about is that they love the images.  I will always offer another shoot to them if need be.  At the end of the day my goal is to produce beautiful images and if I wasn't able to do this for them I will reschedule no problem at all.  

Well I hope this post has reassured you that if you have a not-so-great photoshoot its not the end of the world!  It happens to the best of us.  Just do your best, fix it with your clients, learn from it...... and move on.

Thanks for reading!  I'm thinking my next post should be something technical or about building the best portfolio....is that something you'd like to know about?  Feel free to message me!! Tell me whats on your mind. 

Speak soon


Britt x