Things that inspire me

So just yesterday I made myself a “Blog” jar

My literal Blog Jar

My literal Blog Jar

like a tip jar but with no money only little pieces of paper with ideas on what to write for my next blog post.  So there you go, I got that idea from another photographer and I thought you know what thats not such a bad idea.  That way if I think of something when I'm walking the dog, can’t sleep or hubby tells me again what it is that he does at work, I can make a mental note and write it down so its not lost forever.  Is it just me or are all creatives all a bit spacey?  Maybe its just me?  But I can literally have a thought and then BAM its gone, even though at the time it was the BEST idea ever.  

So just now, literally, I stuck my hand in that little jar and pulled out “Vlog” (insert frightened face) oh in case you don’t know what this means …… Video Blog……  now you understand why I freaked out.  So i promptly threw it back in the jar and pulled out “Things that inspire me”.

Thats better.  I can handle that at 10am on a Tuesday.

Do I need inspiration?  Hell yeah im no different from anyone else.  So what does inspire me?  Glad you asked.

Im going to be real with you now, no fibs to make myself look more interesting than I actually am.  These are literally the things that help me when I have a creative block….

  1. Pinterest (private boards)
    I pin a lot!  When I have a shoot coming up I make a new board and name it "insert clients name" and start pinning ideas for our shoot.  I may or may not use it on the day, depending on how things go but at least I know I can have a quick look if I get myself all  nervous.  Its a great backup!
  2. Magazines like Kinfolk / oh comely / peppermint
    I'll tell you why I love these kinds of magazines - they aren't family portraits.  But you can still gather inspo from food photography, environmental portraits and travel.  Refresh your brain by looking at something other than what you shoot.
  3. Instagram
    Instagram is great, not my go to but it has its place.  You can save images you like and go back to them.  Kinda like Pinterest but not as good.
  4. Taking a walk
    I get so many ideas walking my dog its not funny! I just have to try and remember them by the time I get back home. Taking a break from the computer and getting fresh air is always a good idea.
  5. Meeting a kindred spirit for a coffee
    I don't do this enough but when I get the chance to chat and bounce around ideas theres nothing like it.  Do you have a friend who is creative?  Give them a call and make a date!  They might just have the inspiration you need or maybe they will confirm you are on the right track.....
  6. Free shoot - practice what you are worried about
    Now this is an awesome way to get your mojo back again.  I know we are all very busy but how will you ever grow if you don't keep shooting?  I have always felt that practising on clients is not cool so why not do it on someone who is willing to sit for you?  I try and do this every few months.
  7. If I can be bothered… art gallery
    Again, this is a good way to reset/refresh/unwind and take in creativity from another source.  I don't do this enough.  Mental note, visit art gallery.
  8. Past work - sounds weird getting inspo from your own work but seriously, when you take the time to look back on where you started and where you are now…. it's really cool.  You can see progression, no matter how small it is.  That’s something to be proud of!  Example of said progression below, hope you can work out which is old and which is new .......  (I would only do this for you)  on the plus side I can see that the outdoors has always been my "thing".
Pregnancy shoot in 2009.  What the hell?  Are they dead?  Are the so bored they fell asleep? (BTW love this family) 

Pregnancy shoot in 2009.  What the hell?  Are they dead?  Are the so bored they fell asleep? (BTW love this family) 

Pregnancy shoot in 2016.  Looking very much alive, healthy & awake.

Pregnancy shoot in 2016.  Looking very much alive, healthy & awake.

The below image is a really good example of inspiration really coming through for me at the last minute.  I was commissioned by the lovely people at Vieille Branche in Albion at their warehouse….. warehouse people.  I don’t shoot at warehouses!  So I had to really think out of the box for this one, the usual pretty backlit long grass shoot was not going to work for these flamin cool bohemian peeps.  But I knew I had to use natural light.  So I grabbed my favourite book Kinfolk and I photographed every page with my iPad that I thought they would love so that when I got there I could show them what I was thinking of doing for them.  They loved it!  We chucked a black sheet up behind them and used the natural light flooding in from the garage door to the left.  The result was spectacular.  Inspiration is key for any shoot you just have to find it - doesn’t really matter where you get it.

Jen&JC 23Oct17-114.jpg

Well I hope that this has helped you get inspired?  Or motivated you to not give up when you get into one of those low lows.  The great thing about those lows is there is usually a high following right behind it.  Trust me.

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