My worst photoshoot ever....

*Insert face slap*

Worst photoshoot ever.

Worst photoshoot ever.

Why would I even write a post like this?

Well I know what its like to feel frustrated by your photography while you look at other photographers beautiful feeds with their perfect lighting and subjects.   

The truth is it's not always like that.  Some days are crap and your plans fail either because we made mistakes or it was out of our control.  Stuff happens.  #truth

The photo you see here of this AH-dorable little girl is from the worst photoshoot ever.  

This particular day we jump in the car, kids are happy, outfits are on, we start driving to the location.  We get to the M1 and we hit traffic, not the usual afternoon traffic.... accident type traffic.  

Yep.  We were stuck, not moving, sun going down.  It took us over an hour instead of 20 minutes...... because of that we arrived and the sun had already set and was getting very dark.  

What the hell.  Keep cool Britt keep cool.  Don't freak out.

Remi the radiant.

Remi the radiant.

So I set my camera to the highest ISO it will go and I just shoot what ever I see.  I was freaking out on the inside but somehow kept my cool.  The kids?  Well they were full of energy, they'd been sitting in a car for over an hour dying to get out.  Asking over and over again "are we there yet"..... waaaaah.  So I just let them go for it, spin around, dance, I didn't have time to direct them.

I managed a handful of photos, not my best but Mum loved them because their little personalities shine through.  These kids seriously are ALL personality. 

Hugo the handsome.

Hugo the handsome.

What's the point of this Blog post?  Well as a photographer and especially when you are working with children, you have to roll with the punches.  Enjoy the highs and learn from the lows.  Not every shoot will go how you want it to.  When you work on location you you also have to take into consideration the weather, there are many variables that can go wrong.  

When it comes to my clients and situations like this all I care about is that they love the images.  I will always offer another shoot to them if need be.  At the end of the day my goal is to produce beautiful images and if I wasn't able to do this for them I will reschedule no problem at all.  

Well I hope this post has reassured you that if you have a not-so-great photoshoot its not the end of the world!  It happens to the best of us.  Just do your best, fix it with your clients, learn from it...... and move on.

Thanks for reading!  I'm thinking my next post should be something technical or about building the best that something you'd like to know about?  Feel free to message me!! Tell me whats on your mind. 

Speak soon


Britt x 


5 Things I Wish I knew


I've made a lot of mistakes in my career as a photographer.  More than I can list I assure you.  And i’ll continue to make them because frankly I'm still learning and I hope to always learn and grow.  But there are some things that many newbies get stuck on in the beginning, distracted by or overwhelmed by.  Thats why I thought you might like to learn from me and my mistakes if you are new to photography and are looking for advice.  Or maybe this will make you feel better about  yourself because you are already doing all these things….  hopefully some of these will help you not do what I did.

1) The latest and greatest is overrated

Photography 101 -  There is no camera or lens that will magically transform you into the next Annie Leibovitz.  

Do you know how many times I have been told that my photos must be good because I have a good camera? Too many times.  It's an innocent comment granted…. but a seriously offensive one because it implies you are only as good as your equipment.  Well why then have some people made mega bucks out of their iPhone images and even published books from them?  Also why is it that some awards go to amateur photographers who use entry level camera's and kit lens? Ahhh got you thinking now don’t I.  Maybe, just maybe it has nothing to do with your equipment? Actually I'm telling you it doesn’t.  Trust me please.  This lesson alone will save you cash.  You’re welcome.

Emotion over editing every time

Emotion over editing every time

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

2: Get intimate with your equipment

That sounded better in my head.

If you are really interested in starting a photography business try and get to know the equipment you already have.  I started out on a little holiday point and shoot.  My photos were hideous (like you will never see them - eva) but boy I knew after using that little camera what I needed.  Don’t go waisting your money on expensive cameras and lenses BEFORE you understand what it is that you need.  Oh and don’t ask the guy at JBHIFI what lens you should buy……..  that is a disaster waiting to happen. 

My first ever camera I bought was 7 years old when I upgraded to the next model.  If I needed a backup camera I’d hire one. When I have a photoshoot even now, I don’t change lenses I use the same one for the whole shoot.  That's because I know and love the 50mm because i’ve been using it for so long.  I’ve learnt how to get the best out of it, how to step in and out of a scene and not rely on a zoom.   Get to know the equipment you have well.

3)  Stop!  I said stop! comparing yourself to others

Oh my goodness.   This is the worst thing you can do to yourself.  Seriously how the heck do you think these people started out?  Taking crap photos like you!  No one buys a camera and instantly takes amazing photos.  Give the leaders in their field the respect they deserve (they spent years getting to where they are) and draw inspiration from them but please don’t compare yourself.  Its a slippery slope that you don’t want to be on.  Its incredibly soul destroying for you and all those around you who have to hear that you aren’t as good as *insert name*.  

Don’t worry if you do this, I did too.  But remember this post is about “what I wish I knew”, so learn from me and my stupid mistakes. 

Light is your friend

Light is your friend

Follow your own dreams not someone else's.

Follow your own dreams not someone else's.

4)  Followers = who cares

In this age of social networking and being told constantly “you need more followers” it's really hard not to get carried away or jealous when you see others having followers in the thousands. Seriously I get Instagram messages and emails daily telling me, for a small amount of money, they’ll give me more followers   Its such a con!  Don’t believe it.  Having more followers does not, I repeat, does not give an indication of talent or success.  Having a lot of followers does not always equal bookings or sales.  Some people have a small amount of followers but they have very loyal fans that are genuinely following them and interested in their product, these are the kind of followers you want to attract not the ones that are looking for a follow back…..   Try and change your focus onto what you are putting out there rather than how many people are following you.  The more effort you put into your content and the quality of it you will see your follows grow organically.

5:  Editing schmediting

The amount of time I have waisted on editing and trying out new filters and styles only to end up back where I started is embarrassing.  

Going back to my original comment about knowing your equipment and no magic pill to looking like an Annie Leibovitz portrait…. remember? It applies to editing too, at the end of the day its just another tool like your camera.  If you take an ugly photo there is no magic filter (some might say it's like polishing a poo, not me I'd never say something like that) to make it look amazing.  

The key to a beautiful image that captures someones interest is light and composition.... not editing.  The only way you can achieve this is lots of practice.  Once you have nailed beautiful light & interesting composition editing takes on a different meaning, usually consisting of minimal changes because you have done all of the hard work in camera.  If someone comments on my editing I know something is missing......  The point of this is to tell you - don't waist valuable time in front of the computer.   Get out and take photos, nail light and composition and you'll thank me later..... I promise.

Photography 101 - Lighting and composition = WOW

Photography 101 - Lighting and composition = WOW