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Are you in a photo funk?

There is nothing better than setting yourself a project. I used to do it more but now im so busy I haven’t prioritised any projects and you know what… im going to change that! Nothing gives more of a creative boost than shooting for yourself, when you are paid to do a job its different….. you can’t practice on a job, you can’t let loose creatively, you always have the client in mind while shooting because frankly they are paying you and you want to deliver! In-between jobs its so important to practice and challenge yourself creatively. Push yourself out of that creative funk and try something out of the box and new - you might just love it.

So here is a little project I set myself before heading back to Australia. I wanted to document all the people in my life that we loved and had an impact on our 3.5years living in London. I didn’t put this on the wall when we got to Australia because I didn’t get to photograph everyone, I was so annoyed I didn’t give myself more time. But thats what happens when you move countries.

Maybe this is something you can do for yourself? Do you have a group of friends you adore and want to capture this time in your life? Why not try this out at home?

Friends are the family we choose

Friends are the family we choose

What you need?

  • A black sheet (colour of choice)

  • White tac (to hold the sheet up)

  • A window

  • Daylight

  • A tripod

  • Put your chair close enough to the window that your subject is lit up

  • In hindsight i’d ask my friends not to wear black

  • It works better if you do it in the same spot with the same chair and same lighting

  • Have a an early dinner party and get everyone relaxed with some good food and wine

Have fun with this! Ask friends to bring a prop if it means something to them and you. Have all your exposures ready to go so that when they sit down you can be quick and capture those awkward laughs and smiles. I really loved putting this together and cherish these portraits a LOT. I just wished Id had more time to capture everyone.

Why not give this a go? Maybe with your family? Your pets?

Get outta ya funk and create something that means something to you.

Britt x