My photo wall at home!

My photo wall at home!

Products Overview

I only offer products that I would be happy to hang on my wall at home.  This image is actually my home and as you can see... its all about the prints.  That is because I live for prints.  Every singly image on that wall brings back memories for me that no USB could ever do and I get to enjoy that every day.  And there is the value in printing.  I have also had them printed on quality paper so that my memories don't fade...  so to speak ;-)

Because I understand the value in digital too,

Every product you order comes with the digital version in colour & B&W!


Matted Prints


Starting at just $110 for a 5x7" they are by far the most popular of all products. They come fully assembled, print in place, ready to frame if you wish. Mats come standard with a protective cover sheet.



Folio Box


Starting at $1,200 for a box of 10 matted prints all 8x10" this is an affordable option and a beautiful way to present your images and to keep them safe until you are ready to frame them.

frames Q.jpg



Starting at $350 for a stunning 8x10" frame these are the perfect gift.  

You have a choice of black or white frames, un-matted or full framed.

Ready to hang on the wall.