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I am Britt!

I’ll tell you a little secret…..

I don't enjoy having my photo taken and I can be a bit ridiculously shy in front of the camera.  BUT I have photos of myself and my husband all of the house, not because I like myself in photos but because photos are memories and they are precious. Life goes so flamin fast and I don’t want to miss the important bits.   I know the insecurities we all have when it comes to photos and feeling like you are not "photogenic".  Everyone feels this way and most express it to me before a photoshoot.  Being photogenic is simply a combination of being relaxed, feeling gorgeous and flattering light, I can help you with all of that.  It really is that easy. So leave all your worries behind because I know what I am doing and I understand your fears.  Your partner and kids will thank you for it when they have beautiful images to look back on later in life.  

My work has been published in many international blogs and magazines including most recently the cover of Peppermint Magazine and 3 features.  

I look forward to meeting you and creating some gorgeous memories together!


Behind the scenes on a photoshoot with Britt…..

Behind the scenes on a real photoshoot with Britt