Words from Amy & Cameron {Brisbane}

My little family has had the privilege of having our portraits taken on a few occasions by various photographers since welcoming our little one almost two years ago, usually resulting in 1-2 images that I liked and a lot more where plain and simply looked like awkward rocks. With a milestone anniversary looming and being a long time Instagram lurker of Britts, we finally booked in our session. Despite being taken in and so moved by the multitude of images of her subjects looking like absolute models!.. I was still holding onto a slither of skepticism that anyone could make tired worn down little old us feel lovely enough that I’d actually be happy to display their work on my wall. Boy was I wrong, choosing our images was literally one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! Did not even realise my husband actually ever looked at me like that. Loved them all and the way they made me feel. Also shocked at how naturally she captured my husbands (who hates having his photo taken) emotions and cannot wait to have them hanging proudly in my home reminding me to take a minute out of our chaos of every day and appreciate this little world that we’ve created. Thanks Britt, LOVE your work xx

Author:  Amy & Cameron


Simmone & Pearl - A mother daughter shoot

Its difficult to describe how much I love these two beauties.  They are the sweetest, happiest and most beautiful girls I have had the privilege of photographing.  

Simmone is seriously one of the most beautiful women I have ever met and yes she has her own normal insecurities and was nervous about our photoshoot together.  But she was determined to put her feelings aside and have fun on the day with her little Pearl.   Im so glad she did because we got to create some pretty special images for them that will last a life time.  Pearl will have these when she grows up and gets married herself.  What a beautiful gift!  

I hope you enjoy looking at these images of Simmone & Pearl the afternoon we spent together at the creek.



A mothers love {Brisbane Photographer}

I get a bit emotional looking at mums with their children.  Its such a beautiful thing.  My mum has always been there for me, consistently and without judgement.  She has supported all of us kids no matter what from the time we were babies until now.  Sounds obvious but its not.   These boys have their mums and it was a privilege to document the connection they have together.  Lidia you are such a beautiful mum & woman thank you for asking me to take your portraits I hope to meet you again in the future.  Bxxx

Hair & Makeup by my Olivia!  She's the bomb.com 


Kiss me quick

I always make time for my Mum & Dads to have a quick couple shoot during our session.  They are often the favourite photos of the afternoon.  How often do you get a chance to cuddle up to your partner and get a gorgeous portrait?  I think its pretty important.  These two are super gorgeous and I loved what they chose to wear. Bx

Ps.  Thanks again to Little Olive Styling for an amazing job on Lizzy's hair and makeup!  


The quiet pose

I am certainly drawn to the quiet and the simple.  

For a long time I struggled with the fact that I'm not like other photographers.  It doesn't come naturally to me to make people laugh unless its done in a totally genuine way.  Im not a clown and I'm not an entertainer.  It was good when I finally let that go and just tried to me myself, its my greatest "skill" and its all our greatest "skill".... being ourself.  No one else out there is the same as us so why not use it to our advantage.  If I could give a new photographer any advice it would be to work out who you are......   then let your personality speak through your images.  Don't worry about what others are doing, they have their own skill set that is different to yours.  If we compare ourself to others we will ALWAY feel insecure, we will ALWAYS feel like we are chasing something but we can't quite attain it.  Be yourself, you are your greatest asset.  

My 2c worth for today.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  



Celebrate Love!

I travelled to the Sunshine Coast to photograph these three cuties.  Kirsty appreciates photography a lot, I could tell when I met her because her walls were covered in photos that she had taken herself.  I knew I was going to like her a lot.  So on this day she knew exactly what she wanted, even getting the boys to drag this cool vintage chair down the back of her property.  We put it under a big old gum tree on a rug and it was perfect.  A beautiful image like this doesn't happen on its own, it takes a little bit of planning and coordinating.  But once its done you just let the magic happen and you end up with a gorgeous, natural, sunlit, perfect image like this.  Thank you Kirsty for asking me to take your photos, it was such a privilege to work along with you and your vision.  B xxx


You are my one and only...

This image was one of the last frames of the day.... hence the sweets :)  The kids did amazing, mum and dad were getting into the swing of our photoshoot and were connecting beautifully.   Its what I dream of when I prepare for a shoot of any kind.  Being able to capture your connection, whether we are at a beach on the Sunshine Coast or a park in Brisbane it doesn't matter, thats just a backdrop.  What matters is your images convey how you really feel about each other.... thats the difference between a snap shot and an image that has been created with team effort.  That team is you and your preparation before the shoot, Olivia doing her thang with hair and makeup and me as the photographer on the day helping you to relax and enjoy your experience.  

Professional portraits are not flukes, they are thoughtful elements that come together to create magic.......  Bx

I am drawn to the quirky shots.  I love how Claire and Simon are soooooo perfectly in love and the kids are just doing their thing.  (Being rewarded for their awesome behaviour)

I am drawn to the quirky shots.  I love how Claire and Simon are soooooo perfectly in love and the kids are just doing their thing.  (Being rewarded for their awesome behaviour)

Words from Navin Chowdhry (Actor UK)

Do you find it hard to talk yourself up?  I'd rather run down the street naked than do it.  Its a problem (no one wants to see that) esp when  you own a business.  So rather than me tell you what I'm like how about I let my clients do the talking..... problem solved.  This is not a "look how good I am" type of post (see I'm doing it now...) its more a way of you to get to know me better.  When people take the time to write such beautiful words like Navin's its a real gift.  They've taken time out of their busy day to write real, honest, touching words for you... wow.  Ive been in tears reading some of them.  So here is my first post from one of my all time favourite people Navin Chowdhry who even uses my photos on his IMDB profile to this day.  What a lovely lovely man and gorgeous family.  Thank you Nav and Charlie.... miss you too. Bx

“Quite simply the most brilliant photographer and a total joy to be around.

Her photos are just beautiful.

A natural ability to capture those special moments - real moments with such truth and heart. It’s like Britt instinctively knows the type of picture you want and the best way to get it for you. I believe what sets her apart from so many others is the care she takes in meeting and understanding her clients and how sensitive and adaptable she is to what they may go through on the day. With such a calming presence, she makes you feel so relaxed, so easy in front of the camera. She’s such a laugh you unbelievably find yourself enjoying your picture being taken! She exudes a real warmth, a support you really feel on the day. From family photos to baby pics to professional head shots she can do it all and we feel so incredibly lucky to have shared these moments with Britt. We love her, we miss her and we want her back in London!!”
— Navin Chowdhry (Actor UK)

Styling tips for your photoshoot

Without telling you what to wear (I'd never do that to you!...... well actually if you asked I would haha)

I have shared some tips and hints to start you off in choosing the best outfits for you and your family.  Hope this helps!  Feel free to share.



Photography 101 : How to take a natural photo....

Parents, how do you take a gorgeous *natural* photo of your little one?  

My little niece Athena pondering life and its meaning and whether the flowers are edible.....

My little niece Athena pondering life and its meaning and whether the flowers are edible.....

They do say never work with children or animals....  honestly, I think thats rubbish.  Children and animals don't have self esteem issues in front of the camera, they don't worry that you'll get their double chin or fat arms........   what they don't love is being posed and told what to do constantly.  

So what I say to you is this....

First: Have the spot in mind that you think is pretty.  Make sure the light is even (all shade, or all sun, no dappled light unless you are trying to be all arty farty).  

Second: Choose the outfit and have fun with your little one getting dressed, you don't even have to tell them that you are going to take a photo of them.  

Third: Have your camera ready, exposures set way before your little one steps in front of your camera.  This is important because kids get bored very quickly.  Very.important.step.com

Fourth: Encourage them to stand in the beautiful spot you had in mind, don't rush it..... now leave them there to do their thing.  Don't ask them to smile or say cheese........ pleaseeeeee don't do that.  Just see what happens, you might be pleasantly surprised.  You might have to try it again and thats ok, these things take practice.  But it works for me most of the time like it did with Athena.  

Let me know what you think..... B

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