A Brisbane Elopement

Does anyone else think eloping is so romantic? I do! These two took off to New York and got hitched lucky things. They came home and had some portraits taken in Hamilton Brisbane with their family and their precious fur children aka two gorgeous guinea pigs!!


North Brisbane Family Photoshoot

One of the things I love about my North Brisbane locations is that other than the kangaroos we are the only people there. The kids love the freedom and relax instantly and Mum and Dad settle into the photoshoot really quickly. It’s why I could never do studio work, not that its not beautiful it really is but being outdoors to me is where I relax and i’ve noticed my families do too. I think you can tell that these three are very relaxed and loving their time in the countryside. Bx

Possibly my favourite family photoshoot!

Just kidding I don’t have a favourite, seriously I don’t. How can I choose, every single family is so different. Some are quiet but so so loving, some are funny, some are crazy but fun, they all have something different and that’s what I love about photographing little families. I love that my couples trust me and are willing to get dressed up for a couple of hours because it''s not just about the end result of pretty photos but its the whole experience. They will drive to a remote place in North Brisbane where there are giant kangaroos everywhere, sometimes mozzies and sometimes prickles haha!! But they do it. It’s like a special occasion not just some pictures in the park. It’s a couple of hours they get to spend with each other outdoors creating beautiful memories. It absolutely touches my heart!!!!!! And I do not take for granted that these families trust me and are happy to be guided along the way thats the biggest compliment ever. I hope I get to do this job for a very long time. xoxo

Ps. this image is not in Brisbane unfortunately! It’s Hampstead Heath in London. Recently I visited and caught up with this beautiful little family of 4.5 :)


3 Holiday photography tips

Well this is kind of a big subject and very subject-ive. I’m coming from the angle of someone who doesn’t have cash to throw around on a new camera or lens for a holiday. I’ve always been big on using what you have and not being distracted by the new shiny gadgets. I realise a lot of people aren’t like me and that’s ok you are free to read another blog post about the newest and the bestest stuff out there …. like this one.

Taken on an iPhone 6 & edited using VSCO

Taken on an iPhone 6 & edited using VSCO

Using what you have really helps you to

  1. get to know your camera really well

  2. get the most out of your equipment

  3. be more thoughtful about what you are photographing

I love that. Because I hate talking about equipment but I LOVE talking about the lighting, the subject, the mood. Basically why we are taking that photo and what it means to us. Some photos I’ve taken on my old iPhone 6 are my favourite and I have printed some of them for my home. Like this image to the right. So don’t get caught up in equipment.

So here are some tips for you to get stunning images from your camera while you are away no matter what camera you have…

  1. Colour

Think about what colour you love. I have a soft spot for pastels as you can tell by my work. So while I was away I tried to focus on those colours. A great tip is to mix things up a bit, try stepping in closer and filling up your frame it can really make a dynamic and interesting picture. I did this below with the blue chair and it has now become one of my favourite images.

What is your favourite colour? Maybe set yourself a goal of photographing a particular colour in your neighbourhood. I don’t know about you but sometimes while we are away we get so caught up in photographing everything we become a bit frantic about it. This helps me to slow down because I have a plan and now I have really pretty images I could possibly print and put on the wall…. maybe even a series of images because they look so nice together. Winning!

Positano Italy

Positano Italy


2. Choose a theme!

Yes. When I hone onto a subject while on holiday I absolutely love my images. It’s like I have purpose and not just snapping away like a paparazzi idiot and missing the moment. Not that I only take photos of one thing of course that would be weird people! This time while we were in Paris I noticed how many chairs there are in that city!! They are everywhere and they were all different colours. I loved how in the parks you would see groups of chairs everywhere and I’d think to myself “I wonder who sat there and what they talked about?”. Some people love doors which are equally great to photograph, maybe its flowers, food .. it doesn’t really matter. Think about it and go with it and have some fun! Here are some examples of my chair addiction….


3. Bring a tripod

I’ve never ever done this before but I was sick of never being in any photos with our friends or my hubby. So I jumped onto Amazon Australia and I found a tripod and it did the trick (if you are interested in which one I bought click here). It didn’t take up much room in my bag, really CHEAP and was super light… perfect! Before I left I ordered a little remote (some cameras you can operate from your phone!) because I didn’t want to run back and forward when the timer went off. It was perfect and I totally recommend it. Here are some photos I took of our friends, I feel like I was able to capture real moments and its so nice I was able to be actually in them…..

Lubriano Tuscany

Lubriano Tuscany

Hampstead Heath London

Hampstead Heath London

North England with Mr Spring

North England with Mr Spring

That’s it for today, I didn’t want to overload you but wanted to share practical tips of what helped me personally. One of the best things I did was buy that tripod because now I have really lovely photos of me and Mr Spring that we wouldn’t of had otherwise.

Please message me if you have any questions at all.

Happy travels and happy holidays! Bx

Tuscany castle engagement shoot

If there is ever a place in my heart that I feel more at home than in Brisbane its Tuscany, hands down. We stayed in a castle for 3 nights to celebrate our wedding anniversary and had the opportunity to finally photograph one of my best friends engagement/wedding portraits. You see I live in Brisbane and she lives in the North of England! I haven’t been around for either her engagement or wedding but we made up for it in Tuscany! What an amazing afternoon we had wandering around the grounds of our Castle. Liv and Carl I absolutely LOVE YOU! xxxx

Ps. more photos to come obviously