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In-Home New Born Photography Session - Woolloowin Brisbane

In-Home sessions are simply my favourite and I'll tell you why.

  1. You are at home, no need to travel anywhere

  2. They are quick, an hour tops

  3. The kids love it and so do the family pets :)

  4. New born babies are more comfortable at home

  5. The are affordable

  6. They are timeless

  7. Not affected by weather changes and rain (this one is massive I saved it till last)

a little girl looking with love at her baby sister, sitting on a chair in beautiful light. In home photography session in brisbane for new borns
Sisters adoring each other

I met Felicity and Gerard for a headshot session at the Powerhouse last year. We clicked instantly and had fun at our hour session outdoors. Fast forward a year later and they had a beautiful little baby girl Edie and they thankfully remembered me! I came to their gorgeous Queenslander home in Woolloowin north of brisbane and spent an hour with them taking photos of the family loving on Edie. I hope you enjoy looking at this little gallery that as I said was only an hour session. B x

In-Home New Born Professional Family Photography Session - Woolloowin Brisbane


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