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Embracing the Clouds: Finding Beauty in Overcast Family Photoshoots In Brisbane


North Brisbane Family Photographer

Beautiful Simmone and Pearl on a very cloudy day

When planning a family photoshoot, we often hope for perfect weather — clear skies, golden sunlight streaming through the trees, and a gentle breeze to tousle our hair just right. However, we live in Brisbane!!!! A subtropical paradise that RAINS A LOT. Did you know we have more rain than Melbourne and the UK. Yep. So if it is cloudy it shouldn't be a surprise and if we rescheduled every time it was cloudy your kids would be married with their first baby on the way.

Here's why cloudy skies shouldn't be seen as a setback but rather an opportunity to capture beautiful moments in a different light:

Soft, Even Lighting: Cloud cover acts like a natural diffuser, softening the harshness of direct sunlight. This soft, even lighting is a photographer's dream, as it reduces harsh shadows and minimizes squinting. Without the need to constantly adjust for changing light conditions, your photographer can focus on capturing genuine moments and expressions, resulting in more relaxed and natural-looking photos.

Vibrant Colors: Contrary to popular belief, cloudy skies don't necessarily mean dull and lifeless colors. In fact, overcast conditions can enhance the saturation of colors, making them appear more vibrant and rich in photographs. The muted backdrop provided by the clouds allows the colors of your clothing and surroundings to pop, creating visually striking images that command attention.

Emotion and Atmosphere: There's something undeniably romantic and intimate about cloudy weather. The soft mist in the air, the gentle breeze, and the dramatic skies can evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth. Instead of detracting from the mood of your photoshoot, these atmospheric conditions can enhance it, adding depth and emotion to your family portraits. Embrace the opportunity to capture tender moments amidst the backdrop of moody clouds, creating images that tell a story and evoke feelings of connection and love.

Versatility in Locations: Cloudy weather opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to choosing locations for your photoshoot. While bright sunlight can limit your options to shaded areas or specific times of day, overcast conditions allow you to explore a wider range of settings without worrying about harsh shadows or overexposure. Whether you're frolicking in a field, strolling through a forest, or splashing in puddles, cloudy weather provides the perfect canvas for creating diverse and captivating family portraits.

Timeless Elegance: While sunny days may be associated with carefree summer vibes, cloudy weather exudes a timeless elegance that transcends seasons. The soft, diffused light and moody atmosphere lend a classic and sophisticated feel to your photographs, ensuring that they stand the test of time. Years from now, when you look back at your family portraits taken on a cloudy day, you'll be transported back to that moment, enveloped in the beauty and nostalgia of a day spent together, captured forever in timeless images.

Don't worry be happy


Honestly cloudy days are wonderful. It's not as hot, sticky or uncomfortable. If it's cloudy we have more opportunities for photos because we aren't waiting for the sun to set. If you wear the right colours your cloudy images can really POP. Stay away from dark colours and stick to beautiful light neutrals and your photos will look dreamy.

Hope this has helped.

Britt x


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