Breanna the beautiful {Portrait Photographer Brisbane}

You know when you meet a special person?  Someone who is who wiser than their years, has gone through so much but still smiles, has a faith the size of a mountain and heart of absolute gold.  This is Breanna.  She is someone that I am very grateful to have met i have learnt a lot from her in only a few months.  There is a saying that everyone has their trials in this world, and while I totally agree i have to say that not everyones trials are the same and some are bigger and heavier to carry around.  Its important to recognise this and to give the honour these beautiful people deserve because they are survivors and their example can help us through our trials too.  Hope you enjoy looking through these images of Breanna and I hanging out in the forest of Brisbane.  I still can't believe this girl has never had her photo taken.  She looks like a model to me.  Thank you Breanna for everything!  Lots of love.  Britt xx  

Bagheera & Suzanna {Pets with their People}

Introducing Bagheera (the 7 kilo Burmese x) & Suzanna (the human) from New Farm, Brisbane....

This is the beginning of a fascinating project of mine that I am SO EXCITED about!  I have been in love with my little fur baby now for 9 months.  He makes me smile every single day and we couldn't imagine life without him (I am aware it sounds like I am describing a child and I'm ok with it).  I am in the search for friends who are willing to have their portrait taken with their pets for my project because lets face it, pets are the BEST......

Some words from Suzanna...

  "This is Bagheera, the XL vocal, owl eyed furry baby who loves attention (and prawns).  He possesses almost 'dog like' qualities, has tonnes of personality, has us wrapped around his little claw and knows it.  Oh and he's a total mummas boy!  

We got Bagheera and his little sister Lulu from a family member who had rescued them but could no longer look after them. They were extremely attached to each other and showed signs they had been taken from their mother too early. We couldn't even touch them when they first arrived as they were very untrusting of people. However just with a little love and attention we all bonded and became one big family. They always had larger than life Burmese personalities. They were very active, avid hunters (unfortunately!) and always met us at the door when we came home. We easily trained them to sleep on their own blanket at the foot of the bed and to come when called.

They loved attention, but also loved each other and would almost sleep on top of each other.  

It was extremely difficult when we moved overseas for a few years and we left them with parents to look after. We missed them dearly! While they loved it there they never forgot us and instantly became ours again when we returned. Unfortunately last year we had to put Lulu down as she had developed Diabetes. 

It was hard for us, but Begheera really suffered. He mourned her for a long time and has never been the quite the same cat he was with his sister around. They were together 10 years.   

Now we live in an apartment and we walk him outside and play games with him every day to keep him active and keep his mind stimulated.  

He absolutely thrives on love and attention and becomes depressed if he doesn't get enough one on one time with us every day. While he drives us a bit crazy at times (5am wake up calls anyone?)  he really is our baby and we can't imagine life without him!!"     - Suzanna

Chirpy, Toby & Breanna {Pets with their People}

Introducing Toby (left) and Chirpy (right) and Breanna (the human) from Lutwyche Brisbane .....

Some words from Breanna....

"Chirpy & Toby are a pillar in my life.  I couldn't imagine my life without them, they are precious creations to care for and they are a beautiful sunrise in my foggy life.  

Chirpy was my first little one.  Tiny and precious, I watched over him like a mother.  Because of his upbringing being the only bird in the house for his first year, Chirpy strongly believe he is half human.  He also believes he is half human.  He also believes he is half dog, as he constantly barks when he is very happy!  Chirpy is a very smart but anxious boy, he is very affectionate and protective.  He loves to play in hair and nibble finger nails, he is always a delight to have out of the cage?

Tobys name relates to his deformed 'toe' but also Mum was eating Uncle Toby's oats at the time, and its really funny how oats are actually his favourite thing to eat lol!!"  - Breanna




Frankie..... {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

What can i say?  Brisbane is surprising me every single day.  The more I am pushing myself and meeting new people the more i am getting to know this beautiful city all over again.  This is Frankie and she lives across the river from me.  She is super talented, lovely, easy to work with.  Can't wait to share the rest of her images. Bx 

Pets with their People {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

Now here's something new...  well for me anyway.  I know that our pets are not just the little furry thing that you feed twice a day and maybe take for a walk.  They are part of the family, valued, bring so much love and happiness to our day, every day.  They are a constant source of happiness because they are ALWAYS happy to see us.  Our George, as you would know if you follow me on Instagram, is definitely part of our family and we love it.  This is something very dear to me and I will be posting more Pets with their People.  If its something you are passionate about too, get in touch i'd love to photograph you with your furry friend.  Bx 

Joy - Child Portraits Brisbane

This is my new little friend Joy.  I met her mum at a flower crown workshop recently and really like her instantly.  She was actually making the flower crown for Joy and sent me some photos of her proudly wearing her new crown with big smiles.  I was taken by Joy instantly, she has this real mature nature for such a young person and thats because she has such lovely parents.  It was a fun afternoon walking through the woods and eating apples.  It was one of those shoots that came at the right time, it was the inspiration i needed, thank you Julie and Joy!  I am so happy to have had the chance to hang out with you and create some pretty lovely images of Joy. Bxx  {Film processed by RDFL}  these images were taken by britt spring, she is a fine art, creative portrait photographer who specialises in film photography, women's portraiture, children, family and couple portraits in Brisbane Australia.  

Little Theo {Family Photography Brisbane}

"You are my sun my moon, and all of my stars"           {e.e.cummings}

Pure love and joy, thats all you need to create a beautiful portrait. Ok there's a little bit more involved but those two things are the glue that binds all the other elements together. Beth and Theo sharing a little moment together in their lounge room. More to come. B :)  {New Farm, Brisbane} this was shot in new farm brisbane in bethanys home.  britt spring is a portrait photographer living in brisbane newstead and specialises in film photography, family photography, womens portaits, baby photography.  she is an australian portrait photographer.

TJ my niece {Portrait Photographer Brisbane}

Portrait Photography Brisbane_0024 My name is Britt Spring and I love my family.  TJ is my niece on my husbands side of the family  She stayed the weekend with us and we had a ball!  I love to take portraits of women and senior portraits as well.  I am a film photographer and fine art photographer living in Brisbane and also love taking Family Portraits in Brisbane too.  Please get in touch!.

Joy of Joys {Brisbane portrait photographer}

child, family, photographer, brisbane

What a priviledge and pleasure to photograph this unique and special little 5 year old. Never have i met a more polite little one as Joy. Her name says it all really. More to come but I just couldn't hold back in sharing this image. Bxthis image was shot by britt spring of britt spring photography in brisbane newstead. britt is a fine art photographer who specializes in family, child, couple portrait photography. she also specialises in Film photography.

Flower Crown Workshop {Brisbane Portrait Photographer}

Beauty begins the moment you start being yourself....{Coco Chanel}If there is anything in life that makes you stop and rethink the direction you are going in ... its moving countries.  Especially moving home.  Because when you move home its wonderful and you get to be closer to your family which is the best but lets face it... its not exciting like moving overseas to another city.  Its not exotic, its home.  Its comfortable and its nice.  Ive had to rethink everything because i wasn't happy the direction my work was taking me in.  My passion is people and portraiture.    If you look back at my work its pretty plain to see.  Finally a few weeks ago I decided to put myself out there so that I could meet some more creative people, not photographers, people.  It doesn't matter what they do I just need to be in their company.  I have to say it was the best thing ive done for myself creatively in about a year.  I met Chris from Wild At Heart Flowers for the first time at her workshop and all these lovely ladies who wanted to learn how to make Flower Crowns.  It was a beautiful afternoon full of creativity, stunning flowers and all in a beautiful shop that i am now obsessed with..... Vieille Branche in Albion.  Vieille Branche have many more workshops with wood work, basket weaving, more flower workshops from Chris and hopefully in November...... a work shop on Portrait Photography by aka... me.  *insert scared face*.  I will be in touch with more details but for now I hope you enjoy looking through a wonderful afternoon with some truely lovely people.  If you haven't checked out the Vieille Branche shop you really should its an incredible space full of authentic vintage French furniture.  Until then.  Warm regards.  Britt x#brisbane#photographer #portrait #natural #light #family #engagement

Wild At Heart about Flowers {Brisbane Photographer}

Britt Spring Photography_0056 As a photographer light is my drug.  I seriously make myself dizzy looking for it and working out how to capture it and do it justice.  I had the absolute pleasure in photographing a workshop last weekend for Wild At Heart Flowers who held a Flower Crown workshop in the Vieille Branche shop in Albion.  It was fantastic watching a group of 11 ladies having so much fun creating with beautiful blooms.  Vieille Branche as a space is incredible, it has the most beautiful antique furniture all from France and all for sale.  I want to fill my whole house with this stuff!!!  The furniture is stunning but the space itself, in an old warehouse, is incredible for the light alone.  It was so amazingly soft and pretty that it turned my images into paintings.  My creative self  absolutely flipped out.  This is just one of my fave images from the day.  A full blog post is to follow shortly.  Bx   #portrait #flower  #light #crown  #creative #natural  #Australia #brisbane #photographer

Couple's Portrait {Film photographer Brisbane}

Flashback FridayIntimate couple shot on film with a Mamiya in Hampstead Heath London. engagement photographer brisbane I remember this day like it was last week but it was actually 2012!  Wow.  When I look at this shoot i did with the gorgeous Lisa and Nelson I see how I could definitely improve but at the same time I see that i've grown so much in the past 3 years with film and working with couples.  But honestly I still love these photos so much because it brings back many happy memories of London and the day the 3 of us walked through Hampstead Heath together on a gorgeous misty day.  In my humble opinion when it comes to portraiture.... film has a depth and quality you just cannot replicate with digital.  I'll admit you can get close with the right light but not every time and not consistently.  My journey started with film 20 years ago then i hit a bump and diverted off with everyone else when digital became affordable in 2009.  Now I am back in my home town of Brisbane and absolutely determined to shoot 100% film again because basically it rocks. Bx  Britt Spring Photography Brisbane.  This is a film image of a couple posing in Hampstead Heath London.    Britt moved back to #Brisbane late last year and loves to shoot #creative and natural #portraits of #families, couples, engagements, babies and children.  She is a #fine #art photographer who loves shooting with film photography.  Britt is a #natural #light #photographer.

Women's Portraiture {Film Photographer}

Natural light Women's portrait photography BrisbaneBeauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. {Coco Chanel}

beautiful portraits for womencreative baby bump portrait brisbanenatural film photographystunning portraits brisbanebaby bump photosbrisbane portrait photographer for womenbrisbane film photographerportrait of florist brisbaneBrisbane womens portraitsfine art photographybaby bump portrait brisbanestunning photos brisbaneportrait photographer brisbanestunning womens portraitsfine art photographer brisbanelovely portaits brisbaneportrait photographer for womenbrisbane portrait photographernatual outdoor portrait photographycreative portraiture brisbanewomens natural portraits brisbanebeautiful womens portraituredouble exposure black and whitecreative and natural photographydouble exposure film photographywomens portrait photographer brisbanecreative photography brisbanemagazine photographer brisbanenatural portraiture brisbanefine art photographer brisbanefine art photographer brisbaneortrait photographer brisbanefine art photographer brisbanewomen's portraitsfine art photographer brisbane Some of you know that I absolutely love women's portraiture.  This is just a snapshot of my favourite images I have taken of women over the past few years and I remember every single one of them, where I was, how I felt taking their portrait & how much I loved each session.  It was one of those things that just happened accidentally in 2012 when I was asked to be the lead photographer for a craft magazine in London.  This was way out of my comfort zone as id only photographed couples & weddings!  But i have never shy'd away from a challenge.  It wasn't easy but from the first shoot on Primrose Hill in London I absolutely loved it.  I started bringing my film camera with me on the shoots and taking a few portraits for myself and getting the film developed.  All of a sudden I was getting enquiries from female photographers and pregnant women asking me to take their portrait I was completely stoked and honored.  Taking portraits of women is an amazing experience for me and also a challenge.  To get a good photo of a person on their own well they have to trust you firstly and to get to that stage takes good communication, guidance and reassurance.  Each stage is as important as the other.  It fills me with absolute pride looking through these images knowing that each of these gorgeous women trusted me enough to take their portrait.  I hope you enjoyed looking through these images and please get in touch if you are interested in portraits with me. Bx  These film images were taken on a film camera by britt spring photography.  Britt is a Film photographer and portrait photographer in brisbane who loves #womens #portraiture and family #photography including #baby #bump and pregnancy #portraits.  Britt is a #fine #art photographer living in #brisbane australia and shoots #beautiful #natural images with a #creative eye.

Joell & Kate - Brisbane engagement shoot

Im not much of a writer, I really wish i was.  Every time i post images on my blog i get so excited until i have to say something about them.  I feel very strongly about things, im the kind of person that always has a lot going on in their mind but can find it hard to put it into words because how do you express feelings?  Some find it easy and im in awe of them.  For me i hope the images speak for them self.  When you see a couple smiling and laughing - i was smiling and laughing behind the lens.  Where i ask them to stand or to sit is where i would want to be if i was getting my portraits taken.  I put myself into every single image.  Taking someones portrait for me is an incredibly intimate experience and something that i absolutely love.  By the end of a 1.5 hour session i feel like ive really got a sense for what the couple are really about its a real privilege.  This session with Joell and Kate was no different.  They trusted me so much, i am very grateful, we were talking weeks before about where to go and what to wear.  Id get the odd text from Kate with a photo of her outfits i could choose from.  What a star these two were and boy did it pay off!  Thank you for spending the afternoon with me discovering the Wetlands.  Bx {Film processed by RAW Film Lab} Britt is a fine art film photographer living in Brisbane Australia in Queensland.  Britt loves to photography couples in love, engaged, with a baby or family.   Britt specialises in film photography which is beautiful, natural and creative.